State of Texas (TCRP) Rule 52, Alleging a Corporation

“Allegations that a corporation is incorporated shall be taken as Truth unless denied by affidavit of the adverse party, his agent or his attorney, whether such corporation is public or private and however created.”

In equity settings where there is a maritime contract in effect. Only like entities can contract with each other. The entities I am talking about are “persons”, entities in a subject to government position (citizens, body politic, corporations, members, employee’s and any other man made legal fiction).

The corporate status of an individual entering the court is automatically assumed by the court unless they have notice to counter such assumptions, and this is the purpose of the affidavit, an example of which I will provide below.

All of the socialistic programs, integration of the races, and the grab of power at all echelons of government, and all the other ills of this nation are corporate “enterprises.”  One cannot escape the thumb of corporate authority until such time as he has removed himself from the jurisdiction.

Rule 53 Declared Texian rights and suijuris denial of Corporation statutes

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2018 International Committee Report

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This Lady Addresses the Sorry State of Affairs Then Tells You How to Correct It

Dr. Dessie Andrews, who is a student of law, men and nature, at the age of 79 has never seen the world as it is now.  Society is in utter chaos.  There is no law, no rule of law, and more importantly, no government.  Still, people look to their “leaders” for answers and solutions.

In discussing the role that government would play in our lives and fortunes, which was to secure Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and to protect the People and their Property, the Declaration of Independence says it best, “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundations on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness.

We are no longer a happy People.  We are no longer a prosperous People.  We are subjugated, enslaved citizens, eking out a living or totally enslaved to the support of elected and appointed men and women who were supposed to serve and protect us.

Problems abound.  All of us can go on for hours about the problems.  However, talking about problems does not gain us freedom and the independence to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

There is a solution.  And as all good things, the solution is simple.

Come and listen, on May 11, 2019 to Dr. Andrews go through the steps that got us here and the way out.  Reclaim your country, your life, your property and your dignity by making the Power of One too big to ignore.


Speaking at the May 11th Congressional Session of the Texas Republic

Dr. Dessie Maria Andrews

Dessie Maria Andrews, a woman who lives in Austin, Texas, has enjoyed a remarkable life. She has lived 11 of her adult years in Europe, something she dreamed of when she was a young woman. She has been lucky enough to have explored many places, both in the United States and in Europe, observed many cultures, and learned other languages.

Dr. Andrews has, for the past 25 years or more, been studying the takeover of the lawful civil government in America in an effort to understand how it happened and what can be done to return this country to a republic where every man and woman has unalienable rights and freedom.

Dr. Andrews believes we are very close to the paradigm shift that will catapult this nation back to the Republic that was established and visualized by our Foundering Fathers.

Too long have we been overwhelmed and distracted with the problems that surround us. They are legion, and very good diversions to keep us from where we need to be. It is time to set aside the fears and oppressions and reestablish the Republic.

Come join us in Kerrville, Texas, on May 11, 2019 and learn the way back to the future.

Preliminary International Committee Report

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What does your citizenship and its obligations really mean?

Foundational Principles

The premise for the State National is inherent to the Law of Nations and the Principles of Natural Law. Emerich de Vattel noted that every nation that governs itself, under which ever form it has chosen , without dependence on any foreign power, is a sovereign state, its rights are naturally the same as those of any other state. The moral persons who live together in a natural society are subject to the Law of Nations. To give a nation a right to make an immediate figure in this grand society, it is sufficient that it be really sovereign and independent, that is, that it govern itself by its own authority and laws.[1] The members of a nation carry a nationality of a state/nation, which is considered the international, or external, recognition of a citizen—i.e., the political office or status—as to his or her having belonging to a nation. The country of which they are members are considered to be the state,[2] which refers to estate, or status or condition of the society and its dominion. The lawful dominion of a nation would be considered legitiums principatus (the legitimate owner or principal), from the Latin.

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Progress Report – Texas Republic Restoration & Independence

The Republic of Texas  government was reconstituted in 1995 and in June, 2005 the delegates convention in Temple, Texas voted to accept the 1836 Constitution as the official contract between the Texian people and their government. In September, 2005, the first national election seated the legislative, executive and judicial offices of the government.  Please read the full PROGRESS REPORT – TEXAS REPUBLIC RESTORATION & INDEPENDENCE  by clicking here.

The History of the Nation Texas

Many books have been written about Texas; most seem to embellish events or characters to entertain the readers. It is time for a fully authenticated, foot-noted, consistent history of Texas to be made available to Texans, Americans and the rest of the world. It is now possible to study newspapers published contemporary with the events all during the 180 years of Texas’ existence, due to electronic scanning and posting on the internet. Official journals written by the presidents of Texas, and writings by scholarly visitors in the 1800s are readily available online. Hundreds of hours of such research and compiling accurate records stand behind this production, and we gladly offer it to those who love Texas and to those who may feel a bit jealous of Texas and its many advantages. Possibly the best famous comment was written by John Steinbeck who wrote The Grapes of Wrath:

“Texas is a state of mind. Texas is an obsession. Above all, Texas is a nation in every sense of the word….  A Texan outside of Texas is a foreigner.” ―John Steinbeck

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The History of the Nation Texas, Part 2

The “History of the Nation Texas” does not end with annexation to the USA any more than Estonia or Lithuania’s histories end with their being “annexed” to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Those Baltic republics were recognized as restored to their original sovereign status 50 years later, by an international tribunal. Texas is unique in that it is the only State to join the USA as a nation. It was not a territory; it was not purchased from another nation. Texas as a Nation joined the USA by treaty. Only the original 13 colonies come close to similar standing.

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Future Advantages for becoming a Texian National in the sovereign Republic of Texas

1. IDENTIFICATION – As a Texian National you will be identified with a sovereign entity (herein after), the Republic of Texas. A Texian National will not be a Citizen of the State of Texas, a United States Citizen or an American Citizen. Just as one born or naturalized in Norway would be a Norwegian National, one born or naturalized in the Republic of Texas will be a National of the sovereign Texas Republic. Texian Nationals will not be subjects of any other government.

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“Seceding” is a very popular idea in Texas.

A much better alternative to consider is asserting and restoring the national sovereignty of Texas, that we never signed over to the United States. There is a treaty that was agreed to by the president of Texas and the president of the U.S. in 1845. In spite of much research, none of us has ever seen a copy signed by both presidents.

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A Letter to the U.N

The Republic of Texas, through our Secretary of State, has contacted the United Nations on behalf of the people of Texas in accordance with various international laws and conventions.

The following is a letter that was delivered to the Secretary General of the General Assembly of the UN, to be distributed to all their member nations. It has been received at the Secretary General’s office. Any member nation can respond to our Texian Secretary of State.

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In order that all may know what the republic of Texas is, and it’s basic principles and ideals, this Proclamation is set forth by the elected officers of this nation, Texas.

In brief, to establish peace and justice, Texas is a constitutional republic, not a democracy nor a theocracy nor an oligarchy.

As a constitutional republic, all power (political, economic, military, etc.) is held by the people of this republic, who live on the land of Texas and are called Texians. The people can delegate limited authority to officers they elect, but the people can also remove an officer by election or a recall vote (see Declaration of Rights).

The lawful constitution of the republic of Texas was adopted in the year of our Lord 1836. It was amended in 2007 by nationwide vote of Texians, to update it regarding equality and freedom for all and similar modern issues.

The constitution of the republic of Texas limits all officers and employees of the government, rather than limiting the Texian people who are the sovereigns. For instance, our constitution requires all elected officers to take an oath to fulfill the duties of their office, which ends with “so help me, Almighty God.” It is the will of the Texian people that all elected officers acknowledge and rely on God the Creator, in order to govern honestly and effectively. Our constitution does not require the Texian people to swear allegiance to God or to any religion, even though they may enjoy more peace and contentment by so doing. The government is forbidden to regulate or make any law concerning religion.

The ideals of the government of the republic of Texas include:

Peace with all nations and peoples — entangling alliances with none.

Vigorous defense of our nation and its boundaries, its people, and our constitution and laws, against all enemies, external and internal. This necessitates immediate repudiation and eviction of socialism, communism, “progressives” as socialists have tended to call themselves, “democracy” advocates and any kind of totalitarian* government, dictatorship, or other system contrary to a constitutional republic. Democracies throughout history have collapsed due to people voting to enrich themselves by taking from those who were more productive. Texians have a right to free speech, but organized efforts to change or undermine our “constitutional republic” form of government shall be considered treason and stopped.

Consequently, regulation of manufacture, trade or any other business, by government, is prohibited. Free enterprise is necessary for a free people. Companies or professional associations in the same industry are free to self-regulate as a group for increased customer approval, safety, etcetera. The government of the republic of Texas can charter companies and enterprises to do business in and with the republic, but shall not regulate commerce. Commercial entities are accountable to the people, who can vote with their purchasing choices and get justice through our constitutional common law courts.

To prevent economic takeover by an enemy, the government of the republic of Texas is debt-free and shall remain so. If the Texian people want some construction or services provided by their government, the people must fund it on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The government can obtain revenue for its operations by collecting a small duty on imports and exports, and a small margin on money coined. Said duties and margins must be approved by the full congress, accountable to the people.

The money of the republic of Texas must, by constitutional mandate, be made of a precious metal with its own intrinsic value. Thus, paper currency circulating as a substitute for said precious metal money is not allowed in this nation.

Charity is a noble concept, but it must be voluntary and private, not implemented or regulated by government. The risks of “buying votes with public money” are far too great.

Jobs are created by employers who can grow their business. When employers can keep the earnings of their business, instead of losing it to taxation and regulation, then employers can afford to hire more people and will do so.

The government is forbidden to interfere in private contracts. Disputes and claims of contract violations must be handled in local county courts, before a jury of local peers who are acquainted with the disputing individuals. Verdicts can be appealed to the appropriate district court of our republic.

The government is forbidden to tax or confiscate the wages, earnings, gains, property or possessions of the people. Property rights, both material and intellectual, are fundamental to real progress and prosperity in a nation, as history has amply demonstrated.

All education is the business of the people, not the government. Consequently, governments are prohibited from regulating any educational venture or establishing any government organization to control education in any way. Open competition among education providers is absolutely needed so families can choose what they want and need, or educate their own children. The congress of the Texas Republic is authorized to promote education as a whole, but not to favor one method or provider over any other.

There is no need for the republic of Texas to secede from the United States. We never “ceded” the land of Texas to them or to anyone else. A fraudulent color-of-law annexation agreement was foisted on elected officials in Texas, but no lawful treaty was ever ratified to allow the United States to take over our nation, which had already been established forever by international treaties. Those elected officials in Texas were never authorized to give up the sovereignty of the republic of Texas.

*totalitarianism: Definition, Synonyms from   “A totalitarian government seeks to control not only all economic and political matters, but the attitudes, values, and beliefs of its population, ….”


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