Welcome to the republic of Texas

In order that all may know what the republic of Texas is, and it’s basic principles and ideals, this Proclamation is set forth by the elected officers of this nation, Texas.

In brief, to establish peace and justice, Texas is a constitutional republic, not a democracy nor a theocracy nor an oligarchy.

As a constitutional republic, all power (political, economic, military, etc.) is held by the people of this republic, who live on the land of Texas and are called Texians. The people can delegate limited authority to officers they elect, but the people can also remove an officer by election or a recall vote (see Declaration of Rights).

The lawful constitution of the republic of Texas was adopted in the year of our Lord 1836. It was amended in 2007 by nationwide vote of Texians, to update it regarding equality and freedom for all and similar modern issues.

The constitution of the republic of Texas limits all officers and employees of the government, rather than limiting the Texian people who are the sovereigns. For instance, our constitution requires all elected officers to take an oath to fulfill the duties of their office, which ends with “so help me, Almighty God.” It is the will of the Texian people that all elected officers acknowledge and rely on God the Creator, in order to govern honestly and effectively. Our constitution does not require the Texian people to swear allegiance to God or to any religion, even though they may enjoy more peace and contentment by so doing. The government is forbidden to regulate or make any law concerning religion.

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