Voting in the National Election of the Republic of Texas and in Special Elections

1) Question: Who is eligible to vote in this election?

Answer: Only those who have completed and submitted  their Affidavit and Declaration as a Texian American to Secretary of State Billy D. Ford are eligible to vote. If you have not filed this affidavit and you want to vote, you must complete the application and  submit it with your ballot.

> Click here to download the application form

Remember to seal this with a red ink thumb print in the lower left corner near the word “Seal.”

2) Question: How do I obtain a ballot?

Answer: You must first determine which Republic of Texas (RT) Senatorial District and RT County you live in. These are NOT the de facto STATE OF TEXAS  districts and counties. To determine which ballot you are eligible to vote, you should do the following:

a) Go to the COUNTY CROSS REFERENCE page and search for your de facto STATE OF TEXAS county. As an example, say you live in Nueces County. Locate Nueces in the table.

b) Now move over to the column to the left of Nueces – this is the RT County, and in this example it is San Patricio. This would be your voting county in this example.

c) Finally you go to the column on the far left of the tabulation and here your RT Senate District is identified. (This is #6 in our example.)

You are now ready to select your ballot. In the example above, we determined the RT County to be Nueces and the Senate District as #6.  So, for this example we would go to the listing of the ballots and  select  DISTRICT 06 BALLOT and vote only in the Nueces County election.  Should you vote in any of the other RT Counties, the vote  would only be counted in the RT County you entered in the ballot information.

3) Question: How do I submit my ballot to be counted?

Answer: The instructions for completing the ballot are included with each ballot.  They are detailed and provide specific instruction for:

a) How to mark your vote on the ballot

b) How to enter write-in candidates

c) Voting for District offices

d)  Casting your ballot

WARNING!!! Failure to follow instructions may disqualify your vote.


NOTICE:  Special Elections

None at this time