Tom O’Halloran on Raging Elephants Radio – The Republic of Texas

Tom O’Halloran of The Patriot Radio Show stood in for Doc Greene on Raging Elephants Radio today. Tom started with a recap of the Valentine’s day raid on the Republic of Texas, and brought us up to date with Doc Kroupa’s & Susy Cammack’s arrests last week that stemmed from the raid 4 months ago. Tom then segued into Doc Kroupa’s treatment after he was arrested, including the 17 hours that he was kept in jail AFTER bail was posted… Tom continued with more on police officer abuses inside the jail and on the road, demanding Id from drivers under color of authority, even when there is no probable cause of any crime having been committed. Tom wrapped the show up talking about Ted Cruz’s support for Obama’s Fast track Trade bill that was defeated last week & which is expected to be voted on again this week.