Texians Under Attack – By John Jarnecke

Texians Under Attack

How is it that a people, gathered lawfully and peaceably to learn about the constitution, celebrate Valentine’s Day and a friends 89th birthday be subjected to search and seizure? How can we be held against our will without due process? And how can our personal belongings be seized without proper court proceedings?
The Republic of Texas is reported to be a “militia” group by the news media. The truth is that the republic of Texas is a self-determined people attempting to throw off the yoke of military occupation of Texas through a peaceful, lawful process. The entire land boundaries of the United States are also under military occupation thanks to the fourteenth amendment to the constitution of the United States. Don’t believe it? Read it for yourself here. (www.thetexasrepublic.com website with the fourteenth amendment post).
A Search Warrant was issued by 216th District Court Judge N. Keith Williams alleging an unauthorized summons was issued by the republic of Texas. There was no summons issued to appear before the Common Law Court of the republic of Texas. The news media stated the republic of Texas does not have legal authority to issue summons. That statement is only half true. If the summons was issued on State of Texas stationary or implied that it came from the State of Texas or one of its entities, then they are correct, but a Writ of Mandamus and a Writ of Quo Warranto was issued by the Common Law Court of the republic of Texas to 198th District Court Judge Melvin Rex Emerson Junior. If the document was frivolous and of no import, then why did the judge call out HIS MILITIA to address this action? What is he afraid of? Why was it necessary to confiscate so much material that was unrelated to the search warrant? Will the owners of the property get it back? One man stated that he was told that he would not get his possessions back. All this for a Class A Misdemeanor? Could it be that We the People are vested with the power? You decide!

John Harold Jarnecke
President of the republic of Texas
February 17, 2015
contact: www.thetexasrepublic.com for the Secretary of State