Texian Press Release 5 – Explanation of the difference between Texas as a Nation vs. a state

Texian Press Release 5


Robert Wilson.
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Explanation of the difference between Texas as a Nation vs. a state

Let’s look at two possible scenarios, going forward from where we are:

1) Texas as a State of the Union, forever subordinate to US Government.

2) Texas as a Nation, a peer of all other Nations on Earth, subordinate to none.

A recent Reuters Poll shows that 36.1% of Texans prefer scenario 2), up from 25% just 2 years ago.

The math:  0.361 x 26,000,000 = 9,386,000 or nearly 10 million Texans agree with us on Freedom.

Can you provide a rational argument that the US will give Texans more Freedom in the future?

Can you predict which of our rights will be violated next by a desperately bankrupt US congress and president?

Let’s think about scenario 1):  The US Constitution was set aside during and after the Civil War, as Pres. Lincoln initiated a State of Emergency. Elected State Governments were ignored as military Generals became dictators over Texas and other Confederate States in the 1860s.

By the 1930s FDR renewed the State of Emergency during the Federal Reserve’s ‘Great Depression’, again suspending the Constitution due to the “Emergency.”

Ever since then, US Gov. has been declaring war on something, in order to operate non-constitutionally. Recall the War on Poverty, the War on Drugs, and now the War on Terrorism. In short, US Gov. is addicted to having Emergency Powers because in their muddled brains, the Constitution is too restrictive to govern within it.

Now if you or anyone you know still likes scenario 1),  please write to us with a clear explanation of why you want to be subjugated by a bankrupt US Gov. which considers you as their Subject who should be terrified of possibly offending them.


John Jarnecke

President, republic of Texas

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