Texian International Press Release 3 – 20150305

Since the events of Feb.14th, interest again is focused on the Republic of Texas. The questions are again repeated: Who are these people? What do they think they can accomplish? What did they do to bring about the Valentine’s Day raid by such an orchestrated force of agencies?

Some have replied they are anti-government militia, secessionists and/or supremacists. Then there are those who determine they are patriots, freedom lovers, and resisters of tyranny.

The reality is obscured by emotion and fear rather than sensible understanding. We are men and women, some young and some old, all colors, sizes and shapes, unique and different in each one’s own way. Our exception is one clear and distinct trait: We are a people seeking the truth and answers to questions that have eluded most and confused others, and for some, never crossed their minds. In our desire to understand who we are, we have discovered and answered many questions we ourselves have about who we are as Texians. We have realized the good and bad, yet most importantly, we find answers to the cause of our dilemma. Have we all the answers? We emphatically respond “No!”

What do we expect to accomplish? The most probable answer would be all that we can for our common trait beliefs in freedom. Yet without liberty to pursue, our destiny, hope for ourselves and future generations of Texians shall be left cold and destitute as history has repeatedly shown. In response to the Valentine’s Day raid we could give a quick and simple answer, yet it cannot be so easily explained as one day, one event, one cause, one result, one mistake or one misunderstanding.

We have looked to the science related to these events which occur more frequently and are evident to all who hear the news events locally and nationally as well as internationally. We are not here to explain or expound on the world events, only those relevant to Texians.

The Republic of Texas’ response to the Feb.14th action by multiple state and federal agencies in violation of numerous human rights conventions, international agreements and International Humanitarian Law to which the United States is signatory is: The Texian people have exhausted our remedy in accordance to international charters. Now we present our case to the world as a right to self-determination of a people.   Specifically:

United Nations Charter, Friendly Relations Declaration 1970
Charter of the Organization of American States, 1948 Article 3 Helsinki Act 1975, Articles i-ii,vi and viii
The Right to Self-Determination, Principle of Non-Intervention, and the Subjection of People to Alien Subjugation, Domination, and Exploitation as affirmed by multiple conventions as well as the United Nations General Assembly resolutions.

Charter of Economic Rights and Duties
[d] non-intervention
[g] equal rights and self determination of people
[i] remedying of injustices which have been brought about by force and which deprive a nation of the natural means necessary for its normal development
[l] no attempts to seek hegemony or spheres of influence;

The Republic of Texas calls upon the international community to fulfill its obligations in regard to principles of State responsibility.

The Republic of Texas declares our right to exist by our birthright [Declarations of Rights].

Texians are under continual duress, discriminated against for our nationality, ethnicity, and religious beliefs.

Are we undesirable in our own country? Are we unclean on our own land? Are we your enemy because we tell you the truth?

Are we secessionists because the marriage between Texas and the United States, to coin a phrase, was a “shotgun wedding” never consummated willfully?

International Law Commission (ILC) draft articles
Article 26 Compliance with peremptory norms
[1] in accordance with Article 53 of the Vienna Convention, a treaty which conflicts with a peremptory norm of general International Law is void. Under article 64 an earlier treaty, which conflicts with a new peremptory norm becomes void and terminates.
[2] Sir Gerald Fitzmaurice, as Special Rapporteur on the Law of Treaties, treated this question on the basis of an implied condition of “continued compatibility with International Law”‘ noting that a treaty obligation the observance of which is incompatible with a new rule or prohibition of International Law in the nature of jus cogens will justify [and require] non-observance of any treaty obligation involving such incompatibility…

The marriage vows [treaty of annexation] are abrogated. The prenuptial agreement is disregarded [1st State Constitution of 1845].

pacta sunt servanda.

Has our benefactor, whose influence brings subjugation and domination upon the people of the Republic of Texas, become another lover foreign to Texians?

John Harold Jarnecke

President of the republic of Texas

March 5, 2015

contact: www.thetexasrepublic.com for the Secretary of State