Isn’t it time for a peace treaty with Texas, to end US military occupation here after 150 years of it?

1821: Spain grants independence to Mexico, which becomes the Republic of Mexico, with a Constitution much like the USA Constitution. Mexico invites American men to become settlers in its Tejas territory, north and east of the Rio Bravo (known today as the Rio Grande river). A later President of Mexico, Sant Ana, abolishes the new Constitution, becomes the dictator of Mexico, and attacks the American settlers in Tejas territory. They flee towards Louisiana, American defenders take a stand at the Alamo mission, and are slaughtered by Santa Ana’s armies.

1836: After retreating across Texas, Sam Houston and the Texian volunteers take a stand at San Jacinto. Attacking at dusk, the Texians defeat Santa Ana’s armies, capture General Santa Ana, and he signs the Treaty of Velasco, ceding all of Texas territory to the People of Texas forever.

1846: The Republic of Texas accepts peaceful Treaty of Annexation and becomes part of the United States

Texas President and Secretary of State understand that Texas will retain its sovereignty, as one of 14 former sovereign Nation States to join the ‘States of America united.’

1847: Texas finds itself as a staging ground for two US armies as they invade Mexico, in what becomes an unprovoked war of aggression to force Mexico to give up its territory from Texas to the Pacific Ocean. Texas is used as a pawn in the ruthless expansion plan of US rulers.

1850: The US rulers take huge portions of Texas land to form parts of five new states, as part of the Great Compromise.

The Treaty of Annexation expressly said that Texas could choose to sell off some of its land, to repay its war debts, so that “up to four new states” could be formed from said sold land. When the elected Texas Governor objected that this violated the Treaty, he was overruled by US agents. It was now very clear that the US would not honor its promise that the sovereignty would remain in Texas. Trust was violated and relationships deteriorated.

1860: Southern states were being economically plundered by northern industries, by means of government-imposed tariffs and trade regulations. Congressmen from the southern states offered legislation to rectify the unbalanced rules, but were rejected by the north-controlled congress. The southerners insisted on their States’ Rights as guaranteed in the Tenth Amendment. Finally the southern congressmen got up and walked out in the only protest that was left to them. Left without a quorum, Congress could not do business. And that, my friends, precipitated the so-called Civil War. Slavery was brought up by northern congressmen as a distraction and to justify their aggressive actions and to gain popular support: just more politics as usual.

1861: Texas joined the new Confederation of States and seceded lawfully from the United States.

1865: The northern armies win the war and immediately bring Texas and other confederate states under Military Occupation. A US General is appointed as Military Governor of Texas, with the power of life or death over all people in Texas, who are referred to as “the enemy.” All executive, legislative and judicial authority is vested in that Military Governor. The polite name for this process was Reconstruction, but it began with deconstruction. Private wealth was confiscated to pay for military regime expenses. This punish-the-rebels mentality encouraged outrageous excesses by the troops against “the enemy” which was mom and pop.

2015: It is now 150 years since the US began its Military Occupation of Texas. The puppet government that was set up by the US in 1846 is still running things in Texas, under the heavy hand of US rulers. The administrative tribunals of Military Occupation are still the purveyors of their brand of Justice here. US-funded Police are everywhere with military-grade armaments, manned by low-IQ bullies. Unelected bureaucrats (carpet baggers) extract money from the people for thousands of “needs” that they dream up, but are not required to justify. People in Texas are regarded as “the enemy” because they carry a gun, or had served in the military, or express their free speech strongly. Politicians who hold office now claim and enjoy immunity from prosecution even for violating their own laws. Texas is under Military Occupation by a belligerent power.

The form of government that was guaranteed to Texas in the Treaty of Annexation was a Republic form. That includes the principle that the people who live on this land are the sovereigns collectively, and they can remove any government that fails to serve them to their satisfaction, at any time, and replace it with one that will do those things obediently to the expressed will of the people.

It is high time for a Peace Treaty to be formed between the US government and Texas, putting an end to hostilities, removing the military police and armies, and restoring peacetime self-rule to Texas as it had when it was The Republic of Texas. A peace treaty is the normal international procedure to end a Belligerent Occupation of a people and their land.

Has any other modern country been held under Military Occupation for 150 years?

Does international law condone endless military occupation by a belligerent power?

Is not military occupation a temporary regimen to maintain vital services for the victims of an armed conflict?

Who believes that military occupation is acceptable as a permanent dictatorial control system over a free people?

If you do, are you willing to live under it permanently yourself?

Does anyone in Texas believe that a foreign government knows better how to govern here, than we know how to govern ourselves? I believe your heart will tell you the answers to these questions. So let’s inform everyone in Texas…