Press Release – By Tom Bailey

Gestapo Action taken upon The Republic of Texas 20150214

On Valentines Day, reminiscent of the historic Capone massacre in Chicago’s Mobdom, a monthly meeting was underway very little different from those across the nation like that of Lions Clubs, Friends of the Library, Presbyterian Elder Sessions, and American Legions. The Republic of Texas exercised what most consider valid guaranteed freedoms of assembly and speech and from illegal search and seizure. Among regular activities, the group that draws from people having devotedly driven from all corners of Texas convened to celebrate Valentine’s Day and the 89th birthday of its oldest member of a largely seniors constituency.

The group which reveres the original Republic of Texas founded upon the blood shed at the Alamo, officially convened at 9:50am. After introductions, a 5-minute video on individual liberty was viewed. Present in this freely open-to-the-public meeting was a guest warmly greeted claiming to come from Houston but who paid no attention whatsoever to the video as he energetically texted on his cell phone.

At 10:10am, this “guest” arose following the video and proceeded to the only exit to admit several law enforcement officers into the room. He then announced he was a Sheriff’s Deputy from Kerr County (west of San Antonio) and that no one was allowed to leave the room.

As several police bearing firearms and heavy-duty bullet-proof vests invaded the congenially conducted assemblage to secure the area, he announced he had a warrant but would not produce it in spite of numerous requests. Eventually the warrant surfaced unannounced regarding a Class A Misdemeanor involving two participants in the group with no other names listed.

The parking lot of the rented facility, VFW Post 4692 at 2818 Harvey Mitchell Freeway, was strewn with police vehicles, their emergency lights flashing, from the FBI, the US Marshal Service, the Texas State Attorney General’s Office, the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, the Bryan and College Station Police Departments along with Texas State Troopers of the Texas Highway Patrol of the Texas Department of Public Safety and The Texas Rangers! Ingress and egress to the highway was sealed even to reporters of KBTX who appeared later.

During the four hours the meeting participants were terrorized and held hostage with individuals unnamed on the warrant interrogated, manhandled, and forcibly fingerprinted, personal papers, cell phones and laptops plus coinage of precious metals were rifled through and confiscated and placed into the trunk and back seat of an unmarked private sedan of their “guest” from Kerr County Sheriff’s Office, Jeff McCoy. Upon closer study of the warrant, the abused group was found to be also liable to DNA swabbing that thankfully was abandoned by the imposing but generally sympathetic officers who confessed embarrassment and a desire rather to be spending Valentine’s Day with family.

One from the Republic often featured in documentaries and alternative radio who suffers from health issues had to be rushed to a hospital by ambulance as a result of this surprise assault. A doctor of the group had his cell phone taken “as evidence” and was denied its return in spite of his pleas that it was essential emergency communication with his patients. Many drove home that night long miles across Texas following their useless aborted trip without emergency communication capability because their cell phones had been confiscated.

Jeff McCoy, before leaving, sauntered over to the KBTX reporters restricted from the “scene of the crime” to explain that he was merely serving a misdemeanor warrant on a “militia group” that in reality was a group of largely seniors who discuss what has gone wrong with Texas since its annexation by treaty with the USA and what relief and remedies might be available regarding the USA-violated terms of treaty. His input of the involvement of a “militia group” was then incorporated into the KBTX piece at

What occurred in Bryan on Valentine’s Day was nothing short of a police action of the ever-growing police state following 911 to intimidate, disrupt, discredit, delegitimize, dismember and render unfunctional a patriotic group of concerned Americans as is routinely done with Tea Party groups through the IRS according to the Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to which the nation was introduced after 2008 regarding ACORN’s community organizing activities.

The warrant was falsely, illegally and retributionally issued by an unauthorized individual and was served under false pretenses of threatening and harming a group of Americans and, as though NSA unconstitutional surveillance is insufficient, going fishing for evidence for possible future actions against the group in violation of their 4th and 5th Amendment rights among the confiscated property and personal effects taken during their Ferguson-like police action.

What took place on Valentine’s Day is an outrage that should serve as a clarion call to true Americans to awaken to the police state that presently besets us!

Tom Bailey, relatively new member in search of truth to the growing Republic of Texas
Lake Jackson, Texas,, 979-482-6974 (cell w text) 20150215