Press Release – By Mike Wells

On a gorgeous Saturday, the republic of Texas gathered for their monthly meeting in Bryan, Texas under their right to assemble, when they were invaded by law enforcement officers from Kerr and Brazos county sheriff departments, State of Texas Attorney General’s office, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Rangers, Texas Marshal’s office, Bryan and College Station police departments as well as the FBI. Law enforcement was there to submit warrants to one republic of Texas official and one republic of Texas county judge, but all elected officials were detained, questioned, and the majority finger printed, even though having committed no crime.

As one local news station labeled the group as ‘the militia’ as surely directed, if the law enforcement officials present were questioned individually, quite the opposite opinion would be revealed. Officials of the republic were respectful and cooperated, even though feeling their rights had been violated. Officials of the republic had cell phones and computers confiscated with no indication as to when to expect those possessions to be returned. One of the cell phones confiscated belonged to a doctor, so needless to say his patients were not able to contact him. One of the republic officials was transported to the local hospital for chest pains.

The republic was celebrating Valentines Day along with the 89th birthday of one of the officials, while also learning about the Constitution of the republic.

Was all of this ‘show’ really necessary, and couldn’t the warrants have been served outside the meeting?

By Mike Wells