Press Release – By Billy Ford

The following is a short first hand account of the actions that took place at the regularly scheduled meeting of the Republic of Texas held at the Bryan VFW in Bryan, Texas.

Shortly after the opening of the session at approximately 9:30am, the meeting was interrupted by several police agencies from Bryan, College Station, the Sheriff and deputies of Kerr County, FBI, US Marshall, Attorney General, Texas Department of Public Safety and his assistants and others who said that they had a search warrant and put everyone on notice that they were not to leave until permission was granted by the proper authority in charge. This also included permission to visit the restroom.

This writer asked to see the Search Warrant and was told that it would be produced AFTER the investigation was completed.

Many of the citizens of the republic were searched, finger printed, detained and then had their personal belongings and property searched and seized. A receipt (not well detailed) was issued to each that had his property seized. Among the items taken were cell phones, I pads, paper work, money, gold, silver, and other valuables. Some of the phones were used by their owners to operate their businesses, thus creating a hardship for customers and patients to reach the intended recipient.

When the investigation was concluded at approximately 12:30pm, the policing authorities said that we all could leave as the investigation was completed.

The team of investigators left without giving a copy of the Search Warrant to anyone associated with the republic of Texas. The warrant was instead given to the Post Commander of the VFW facility who was instructed not to copy the document nor divulge its contents to anyone.

Later it was learned that the local television station reported on the event and can be viewed here.(give website to

The Republic of Texas is accused by the news media as a militia group. The truth is that the republic of Texas is a self determined people attempting to throw off the yoke of military occupation of Texas. The entire land boundaries of the United States are also under military occupation thanks to the fourteenth amendment to the constitution of the United States. Don’t believe it? Read it for yourself here. (website with the fourteenth amendment post).

This Search Warrant was issued by 216th District Court Judge N. Keith Williams. A Writ of Mandamus and a Writ of Quo Warranto was issued by the Common Law Court of the republic of Texas to 198th District Court Judge Melvin Rex Emerson Junior. There was no summons issued to appear before the common law court of the republic of Texas. The news media stated the republic of Texas does not have legal authority to issue subpoenas. That statement is only half true. If the summons was issued on State of Texas stationary or implied that it came from the State of Texas or one of its entities, then they are correct, but the summons was from THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS. If the document was frivolous and of no import, then why did the judge call out HIS MILITIA to address this action? What is he afraid of? Why was it necessary to confiscate so much material that was unrelated to the search warrant? Will the owners of the property get it back? One man stated that he was told that he would not get his possessions back. All this for a Class A Misdemeanor? Could it be that the people are vested with the power? You decide.

Billy Darrell Ford