More Information on Goliad State Park

Make July 8th an adventure to remember forever at Goliad Texas republic!

When you enter the state park, stop at the main office to check in.  $3.00 admittance per adult. When leaving take a left on the 2nd park road and follow till it ends.  It follows the river for 1 mile going under the main highway (S.H. 183) bridge over the river.

The RT president recommends we close our business Joint Session by 12:30 PM and go to lunch at the La Bahia Restaurant across the river just south of the park about 1/4 mile from the park entrance.  After we all have finished lunch I recommend all visit the La Bahia Fort next door, which also has the grave of the 400 plus republic of Texas Texians that surrendered to Santa Anna’s army at Fannin,  marched back to the Fort at Goliad and all were ordered shot and killed, then piled up and burnt.  Only two or three escaped in the river.

Visiting the Fort there is a charge up to $4.00 depending on age.  But be sure and ask for the senior discount if you qualify.  The grave site is free and stands east on the east side of the Fort about 200 yards.

Also for those that wish, go back to the park office parking lot and go throught the old church and other buildings and see how the local Indians lived back in the 1700’s.  It is very interesting.  Watch out for the GOAST that are reported to be in the Fort office fire place and in both churches.

Phone at Goliad Park:  (361) 645-3405

From Austin:  Hwy 183 South to Goliad.

From Houston:  Hwy 59 South to Goliad.  Left on Hwy 77A/183, one mile south.

From Corpus Christi:  IH 37 to Hwy 77.  Right on Hwy 77 to Refugio. Left on Hwy 77A/183 North to Goliad State Park.

From San Antonio:  Hay 181 to Kennedy.  Left on FM 72 then right on FM 239 left on Hwy 59 to Hwy 77A/183.  Right on 77A/183 one mile south to Goliad State Park.

From Laredo:  Hwy 59 North to Goliad.  Right on Hwy 77A/183 one mile to Goliad State Park.