Meeting Minutes 1.10.15 – draft version

The Republic of Texas

Meeting Minutes 1.10.15


9:45 meeting called to order by Chaplain Capps

Sen Bob Wilson made a motion to alter the sequence of agenda to present report by the International Committee as agenda item 1.   Motion seconded by Sen Ballard.

Roll call held with 5 Sens and 5 Reps present (I did not get the names, but I saw you & Ed writing them down…)

Quorum declared present.

9:56 Sen Wilson presented his report on the Int’l Committee.

10:35 Floor opened for comments on Sen Wilson’s report

10:40 Sen Wilson continued with his report

11:06 Speaker Bolock speaks on Common law and the RoT.   Sec’y Ford added comments re/ Admiralty and Equity courts

11:15 Floor opened for comments on common law

11:53 Motion by Sen Bollard to break for lunch Second by Rep Fern. Passed unanimously.

1:39   Meeting called to order by Speaker bolock

1:48   Old Business – VP Brannum asked about the common law trial & if we are ready. Chief Justice from Houston (Paul) said that he was not ready. VP Brannum suggested that the date be pushed back a month, to Feb. 28th.

11:53 Speaker Bolock read the minutes of the Dec 13th meeting. Motion to approve by Sen Bollard, 2nd by Sen Wagner.   Passed with only Rep Fern’s abstention.

2:02 VP Brannum asked Sen Wilson if it would be possible to put HR violations on the website. Conversation re/ security resolved to Sen. Wilson using a watermark on the entire website.

12:20 Sen Bolock gave the Tech committee update on the live video conferencing. Skype was determined to be unusable due to bandwidth issues. Adobe Connect is being tested now by the committee.

Sen Bolock suggested that after another trial or two, RoT purchase the service to take advantage of the tech support team at Adobe.

Rep Fern suggested a membership side of the website with a chat and/or conferencing capability.

Sen Bollard commented on the HR complaint form. Atty Gen Ford clarified that the form in question is not our form, but an international form.   Rep Fern offered to convert needed forms into PDF files with editable fields.

Sen Bolock asked for Sen volunteers to help collect email addresses of internationals HR point persons from various countries.


Rep Fern gave an update on account to process donations to the Texas Freedom Fund. RoT should have the paperwork in place for the LLC by the end of the month.

Trust documents are in the hands of Atty Gen Ford & he is supposed to hold a meeting of trustees.

Atty Gen Ford stated that the end goal was to get a dolla (sp) account. that the LLC is being set u as a ‘pass thru’ entity so as to never need to pay taxes.

Sen Wilson stated that this is all necessary because we are under military occupation.

Speaker Bolock said that he will reach out to “Michael B” to get reassurance that we will have the paperwork by the end of the month.

3:00 Break

3:15 Reconvene

Sen Wilson reported that C-LAT had left the OAS, and started their own organization and suggested that we get the email addressed of representative nations for the HR forms.


Sen Wilson suggested that we issue a declaration of neutrality – prohibiting RoT from entering into treaties that bind up to defend other nations.


Land Commissioner O’Halloran spoke about having representatives from the RoT come on “The Patriot Radio Show” on a regular basis to get the word out.

Sen Wilson made a motion that Rot do this, and Rep Wagner seconded. Passed unanimously


Rep Carl Chaney spoke on 2 meter ham radios and suggested we use them for survival communications. He was asked (by Sen Bollard?) to look into getting a discount for a bulk purchase.

Sen Wilson read a letter from ex president Jerry (Larr ? (sp)) to the RoT regarding the RoT Constitution and the rights of the people.

Speaker Bolock took a vote of Congress to see who thought it was necessary to start the process to modify the Constitution. & yeas and one abstention.

Rep Bollard asked for a show of hands to see who was interested in getting a Ham radio if we make a bulk purchase.

4:40 Rep Bollard made a motion to adjourn, seconded by rep Fern. passed unanimously.

Closing prayer by Coolidge Curtis (sp)