May 9th, 2015 Meeting Minutes

10:00 AM Meeting called to order by Speaker Bolock

10:01 AM Guests were invited to introduce themselves:
Jerry Throkeld – Houston (N-side)
Roy Throkeld – Cyprus
Jerry Throkeld Jr. – N. Houston
Charles Roberson – Spring
S Cook – Spring
Geoff Lee –
Gaylon Beadee – Katy
Paul Johnson – Alvin
Bill Satterlee –
Paul Andrus –
Dave Kroupa –

10:03 AM Speaker announced V.P. Ed Brannum as chairman of the joint session. The chairman announced Sheriff Bill Satterlee as the Marshall for this joint session. Records keeper for this session is Rep. Susy Cammack.

10:05 AM Roll call by President of Senate Ed Brannum and Speaker Bruce Bolock:
Senate members present:
Lloyd Zant
Don Ballard
Shawn Dorn
Robert Wilson
Richard Waggoner
Dwayne Williams
Stephen Berryman
(Not present – Troy Burris)

House Members Present:
Susy Cammack
Carl Chaney
Joebob Fallin
Vincent Triemert
Mike Wells
Bruce Bolock
(Not present – Glenn Fearn)

10:07 AM Speaker Bolock requested a moment of silence for our recently appointed representative from Fort Bend County, Roger Dorn.

10:08 AM Approval: Minutes of the April 11, 2015 Joint Congressional Meeting Motion to approve as posted on our official website by Sen. Ballard, second by Sen. Wilson. Passed unanimously by all present voting with one abstention by Rep. Wells

10:10 AM Sen. Wilson rose to speak for the International Committee. He addressed the Memorial being prepared by the International committee which includes a petition for relief. All of the states in the USA are nations. All documented Texians may participate in writing the Memorial. They need to contribute to the effort. He commented on the fact that the US government will object to the International Court hearing our case.

10:17 AM V.P. Brannum spoke to the issue of the contentious disagreement regarding the revision of the 1836 Republic of Texas Constitution. Only the Texian people can initiate changing the Constitution. He then spoke about the opening of the Dwolla account stating it’s a sticky proposition and still not available for supporters to deposit contributions. Sen. Wilson explained some of the issues that have delayed the process of getting the Dwolla account in place. The Dwolla account is to collect donations solely for the purposes of presenting our case to the International Courts.

10:24 AM Speaker Bollock addressed Congress on the Press Release efforts. The early press releases resulting from the Feb. 14th raid by law enforcement evoked considerable attention from the media, both mainstream and alternative. Those initial press releases evolved info taking the writings of Supreme Court Justice Ray Cannon and attempts to reformat them into press releases. quickly recognizing that these were not what the media needed a telephone conference was arranged and it was decided to discontinue this in favor of following the proven format for issuing press releases and referring those that wanted more information to go to our website where SCJ Cannon’s writings would be available. The Speaker yielded to Sen. Wilson regarding the media attention following the Feb. 14th raid. Sen. Wilson alluded to the aura that Texas commands around the world and explained why so many eyes turned to us.

10:31 AM Secretary of State Ford addressed the special elections and swearing-in of new officials. A special election was to be held recently for the senate (Mrs. Dorn) and for representatives (Mr. Fallin, Mr. Triemert, and Mr. Dorn). The only election records received by the Secretary of State were those for Mr. Fallin who is now formally an elected representative for Brazos County. Serious health issues prevented Mr. and Mrs. Dorn from effecting their elections and they were not conducted. Prior to his passing, Mr. Roger Dorn was sworn in as Fort Bend County representative by CJ David Kroupa. Concerning Mr. Triemert, the secretary was unable to communicate with him to set up the special election and consequently another attempt will be made to accomplish that election for both Mr. Triemert and Mrs. Dorn. Mr. Ford also addressed future elections and the stringent rules regarding ballots and elections. Included is the need to get the election process handled at the county level and this requires county chief justices. If you want to vote in the RT you must be a Texian. When the Memorial is recognized by the International Court Mr. Ford will press the issue that if you are not a Texian at that time it will require you to wait 10 years before you can vote in a Texian election.

10:51 AM VP Brannum invited many new people to step up to the plate and get some skin the game.

10:52 AM Speaker Bolock announced that a meeting was held with Mr. Cook , principle owner of Phonoscope. Also attending were the president, vice president, senate leader Wilson, Sen. Berryman, and the Secretary of State. Mr. Cook has a project to start a precious metal depository and “debit card” known as the Thomas Jefferson Gold Card that will allow depositors to trade with their holdings in the depository. He is looking for a county near Harris County that is lightly populated to locate his depository. His Phonoscope fiber optics network covers 7 counties the include and surround Harris County. He has several channels on this network that are dedicated to educating the people in the truth including one that fully exposes the Federal Reserve Bank and the Ron Paul channel. He asked what we must do to restore the Republic of Texas and we agreed it must be educating the people. Is there a better tool than TV? So he is offering the RT the opportunity to have a TV channel on his network. We share to areas of interest that Phonoscope educating the public and precious metals depository. We now need to develop the plan to make this happen. Sen. Wilson added that if it is God’s will it will happen. He also stated that Mr. Cook has great knowledge, connections, and access to those in Texas government that can make things happen.

11:13 AM Webmaster Tom O’Halloran informed that we are still getting about 4,000 hits/day, promised that although no updated report is available today he will be mailing out a report within a couple of days. Added a new section about faith based stories, anecdotes submitted by Texians that reflect our One Nation Under One God philosophy.

11:16 AM Mr. Ford reported on a meeting in Dallas with Mr. Johan Schotte of the Schotte Foundation. Attending were Pres. Jarnecke, Sect’y of State Ford, Sen. Berryman and Speaker Bolock. Mr. Schotte has connections with folks that want to help the Republic of Texas get where we want to be in the International community. He indicated that we need a currency for the RT and he can help us set it up. He can provide us the technical expertise to establish a digital currency. The cost of that effort would be about $20,000. Sen. Wilson expanded on the probable BRICS move in October to change the world currencies and how the US as a world power is about to fall into second or third world status. The Fiat US dollar will have significant reduced purchasing power. This suggest there may be an opportunity to purchase foreign currencies such as the Yuan to minimize the dollar devaluation.

11:52 AM A motion to break for lunch was put forward by Sen. Williams and seconded by Rep. Cammack. We recessed to have lunch courtesy of Tom and Daisy O’Halloran who prepare the food at no cost to the attendees. Thank you O’Hallorans!

12:04 PM VP Brannon explained how he became interested in supplying water to the West Texas sector using a desalination plant in 2006. Gulf water would be piped to West Texas to feed the reverse osmosis desalination plants and provide irrigation water to millions of acres of land for agriculture. Several house members met with Neal Keenan in Waco and discussed desalination as well as hydroponics for growing plants. Sen. Wilson spoke on a microchip development by UT graduate student and professor that separate salt from water.

12:18 PM VP Brannon informed that Nancy Burris, the wife of Sen. Burris passed and request our prayers for the Burris family. Sen. Burris is not present and unable to deliver the promise chart that was to include Sen. Wilson’s Roadmap to Independence.

12:20 PM Sen. Zant addressed the subject Jade Helm 15 and circulating rumors. It is corresponding with the predicted economic collapse. This is a planned collapse. Be prepared for the worst. Buy gold and silver. Stock up on food, water, and amo. It looks like they will try to put the blame on ISIS, a Dun & Bradstreet corporation. Sen. Wilson spoke on the reasons for Homeland Security and the need for a pseudo-military response team. Over 1.5 years ago on a trip to Ohio with Sen. Berryman they observed soldiers with patches that were Homeland Response Team at several travelers stops. Do not consent to their unlawful acts.
12:38 PM Rep Fallin asked the question, ” For the Memorial can we skip the education process and get this thing done?” Speaker Bolock believes we are all in training to know what steps and what information do needs to researched and included. We are not ready to step forward and need Ray’s continued training to properly prepare this documentation. Doc Kroupa suggested we may not be ready but we should adopt the practice of writing what we know now on paper and reviewing it, continuing to move forward on the Memorial. He also recommended we start helping those financially for their travel and other expenses associated with RT business. Finally Doc Kroupa proposed that we again revive our common law court efforts.

12:55 PM Brazoria County Chief Justice Tom Bailey recognized to speak. He spoke about the benefits of using raw milk from dairies that grass feed and don’t use hormones to improve production.

1:00 PM Sen. Wilson responded to Rep Fallin’s question by reading his rough draft Memorial prayer intended for the International Court. He gave a sample of the history that would follow the prayer.

1:20 PM Richard Perkins offered a history of the International Committee. In the beginning there were 19 members of government that signed up to be on the committee. The high expense of attending remote meetings resulted in attrition of the membership on the committee. Early on the Ray Cannon recommended that we study the actions of the American Indian Tribes and treaty violations of the US.

1:26 PM Speaker Bollock addressed the people that live on the land of the Republic of Texas in the de facto state of Wyoming, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado and Kansas, hereafter referred to as the WONCKs. We have been doing nothing to communicate with these people to inform them of the opportunity lies before them. He suggested that a committee be formed to address this deficiency. VP Brannum concurred and stated that the people at the courthouses are aware because he’s told them. Various recommendation were made to initiate communications. A menu item “WONCK” will be added to the website. Radio broadcasts and a Facebook page were also offered up. Rep Fallin ask why our website can’t be reflected on our Facebook page. Mr. O’Halloran will arrange to transfer anything posted on our website over to our Facebook page.

2:01 PM VP Brannum asked if we have explored having our monthly Congressional meeting rotate to various regions of the Republic. We need people to do research of a low cost venue and assure that we will have local people show up for the meeting. Anyone wanting to have a meeting in their region please advise the Speaker of your plans. The June meeting will be held at this same location in Tomball, RT.

2:15 PM Closing prayer was given by Richard Perkins

2:17 PM There was no Motion to recess…………….. just action to do so, and so they did.

Minutes were recorded by Rep. Susy Cammack on May 9, 2015

Minutes were transcribed by Speaker Bolock on June 8, 2015

Approved by joint House and Senate vote on ____________________