March 14th 2015 Meeting minutes

9:44 Meeting called to order by Speaker Bolock roll called
Senate members present:
Lloyd Zant
Don Ballard
Robert Wilson
Richard Waggoner
Troy Burris
Dwayne Williams
Stephen Berryman
Shawn Dorn (arrived after roll call at 10:46 AM)
House Members Present:
Susy Cammack
Bruce Bolock
Joe Bob Fallin
Glenn Fern
Mike Wells
Carl Chaney

9:47 Opening prayer by Chaplain Capps

9:50 Introduction of Guests present for the first time: Vic Wade (Lake Jackson), Ms. Fallin (Willis, TX) David Sparks (La Grange)

9:52 Motion to approve the Minutes from the January, 2015 Congressional Meeting by Sen. Ballard, second by Sen. Wilson. and was unanimously approved.

9:54 Carl Cheney made a motion to accept Press Release 4 as posted 2nd By Susy Cammack, unanimously approved

9:55 President Jarnecke Addressed Congress on the Press Releases and the interviews with the media (mainstream, alternative, and international) by several Texians in the RT government.

10:03 Sally Jarnecke sworn in as Under Secretary of Survival by Under Secretary of State Katherine Capps

10:07 Ray Cannon sworn in as Supreme Court Chief Justice of the Republic of Texas by Under Secretary of State Katherine Capps

10:12 Ada Brown Sworn in as Under Secretary of Disaster, Security and Recovery by Under Secretary of State Katherine Capps

10:55 Ray Cannon addressed Congress re/ Press Releases #4

11:14 Ray ends his address

11:15 Shawn Dorn sworn in as Senator for District 7 by Under Secretary of State Katherine Capps.

11:19 Recessed for Lunch by motion of Sen. Ballard second by Sen. Burris

12:36 Reconvened Meeting

12:37 Sen. Berryman makes a motion to adopt the new website, making it the official authorized website for the Republic, 2nd By Sen. Dorn and approved unanimously following the webmaster’s presentation and Q&A

12:40 Webmaster Tom O’Halloran gives presentation of the new website to Congess followed by Q&A session

12:50 Motion by Sen. Wilson, second by Rep. Wells to award the webmaster 2 silver Alamos per month retroactive to Jan. 1, 2015, and to continue doing so until otherwise revoked. It was unanimously approved.

1:40 Sen. Dorn offered Roger Dorn for Representative for Fort Bend County. President Jarnecke agrees he will be appointed once he has filed the required forms with the Secretary of State.

1:25 Tom O’Halloran gives update on his failed attempt to set up the Dwolla account. Issue tabled for the tech Committee to resolve.

1:30 Doc Kroupa addessed Congress re/ The raid in Bryan, Tx, Common law courts etc…

1:47 Speaker Bolock Addressed Congress re/ The Raid in Bryan, Tx.

1:55 Ray Cannon addressed Congress re/ International law, Common law & treaties. There is no statute of limitations in International Law. Do not ever issue anything against the occupiers in common law court.

2:42 Sen Wilson addressed Congress Re/ The Declaration of Disapproval. Sen. Wilson made a motion to accept and post the Declaration to the website. It was seconded by Rep. Fallin. It was unanimously approved. Also send it to the Int’l Red Cross in Sweden.

3:00 The chairman called for a recess for a short break

3:17 Reconvene

3:17 Sen. Wilson addressed Congress re/ Diplomacy and the Constitution/ the existing Constitution is flawed not holding the national government accountable to the people. It has a monopoly on the money and the economy. A monopoly on justice, education, news media, and on armed force. How should the constitution control the government preventing it from usurping the peoples protection from government, maintaining the peoples sovereignty. Fundamental princip[es of human freedom include: 1. Individual freedom is a natural God-given right . 2. No human has the right to deprive another human of life, liberty or property, and he has the right to defend those rights against another trying to take them from him. 3. No human has the right to delegate to some other group of people because he cannot delegate a right he does not have, 4. Any group of humans can temporarily delegate tasks to another group, 5. Any monopoly on necessary services will always end hurting the people. Unrestricted competition must always be promoted with time limited contracts. 6. The best place for public services to be provided is at the local level. 7. Some towns will provide better services than others – this creates competition. 8. Any service provided by private competitors will be better than a service provided by government, 9. Protection from predators is controversial, contracting with private service is better than government provided security, 10. Ideally the only service that the RT government should provide is negotiations with foreign governments. These need to be included in the revision to our Constitution.

3:40 Sen Ballard addressed Congress Re/ pocket Constitutions and suggesting the RT consider preparing a similar pocket booklet for future issue.

3:50 Speaker Ballard addressed Congress re/ Procedure to modify the Constitution Motion by Speaker Bolock that suggested modifications to the Constitution be posted to the Website. Motion 2nd by Sen Wilson. This should include the people in the writing of the revisions. Also recommended that the drafts be posted on the website. Unanimously approved.

4:00 Speaker Bolock asked Ray Cannon for a complete 5th press release by Monday the 23rd.

4:20 Webmaster O’Halloran agreed to post an attractive button on the website to draw people for a Constitution Change Committee.

4:40 Speaker Bolock announced a Thursday March 19th Conference call to select the next meeting location.

4:50 Speaker Bolock gave report on Zoom as our conference call technology.

4:50 Sen. Ballard made a motion to recess and reconvene at 9:30 A.M. April 10, 2015, in To Be Determined, Texas, 2nd by Rep Mike Wells, unanimously approved.

4:51 Closing Prayer by Chaplain Capps