March 14TH meeting agenda in Waco, Tx



19th congress 7th joint session.

March 14th, 2015

Time started _____________


Opening prayer for this SESSION: BY ____________


Announce chairman by Speaker Bolock for today’s session.

Chairman President of Senate Ed Brannum


Announcement: Since we have no legislation to read and approve to day we will start with our joint Session and end with the joint session.


Announce Joint Session Marshal or Marshals by the Chairman.

_________________ / _________________


Announce the records keeper for this session by Speaker Bolock. ___________


The House and the Senate 19th congress members present for today’s business.

Senate Roll Call by President of the Senate Ed Brannum: All Senators seated to my right.

Name                        Present           Position

             Lloyd Zant:                                                                   District # 3

            Don Ballard:                                                            District # 4

            Shawn Dorn:                                                                 District # 7

            Robert Wilson:                                                             District # 8

            Richard Waggoner:                                                      District # 9

            Troy Burris:                                                                 District # 10

            Dwayne Wiliams:                                                         District # 11

            Stephen Berryman:                                                       District # 13

Total Qualified Senators present. ___


House of Representative Roll Call by Speaker Bolock: All Representatives seated to my left.

Name                        Present           Position

             Susy Cammack:                                           Bexar County

             Bruce Bolock:                                     Brazoria County

             Joe Bob Allen:                                                   Brazos County

            Glenn Fern:                                                 Fannin County

             Mike Wells:                                                Harris County

            Vince Triement:                                          Milam County

            Carl Chaney:                                       Washington County

Total Qualified House of Representatives present ___



Approve Regular Joint session minutes from January 10th, 2015 (as available for reading on the website) Joint Session by Speaker Bruce Bolock.


Discussion or corrections _______________________________________


Motion to Accept as Read or as corrected by _____________

2nd by ______________

Vote Yea_ Nay__ Abstain___


There are no minutes from the February 14th Joint Session due to the enforcer’s disruption of the meeting. The Press Releases available on the website report the activities of the day.


Discussion or corrections _______________________________________


Motion to Accept as Noted or as corrected by _____________

2nd by ______________

Vote Yea_ Nay__ Abstain___


  1. Address by President Jarnecke


  1. Questions from the media


Address by Supreme Court Chief Justice Ray Cannon.



As I call your name please come forward so our Under Secretary of State Katherine Capps can accept your Oath or Oaths.


Shawn Dorn____                                               Senator District # 7__________


Ray Cannon____                                               Supreme Court Justice_______


Sally Jarneke__                                                  Under Secretary of Survival___


Are there any new appointed or elected Texians that need to take a lawful Oath of Office.

__________________                                                   _______________________


Motion to Approve the new website, as the authorized official website.


Motion by _____________

2nd by ______________

Discussion By Tom O’Hallorman ______________

Vote Yea_ Nay__ Abstain___


Motion to award donations of two silver Alamos per month to the Webmaster, Tom O’Halloran effective retroactively to January, 2015.


Motion by _____________

2nd by ______________

Discussion ______________

Vote Yea_ Nay__ Abstain___


Update on the efforts to establish an account to process on-line donations to the Texas Freedom Fund. Tom O’Halloran, Representative Glenn Fern.


Address by Chief Justice David Kroupa on suggestion for Common Law.


Discussion ________________________________________________


  1. Update on the “Declaration of Disapproval” by Sen. Wilson.

Discussion: _____________________________________

Motion By ______________________________________

2nd. ________________ Yeas__ Nays___ Abstain__


  1. Address by Senator Bob Wilson


  1. Update on the efforts to bring Live Video Conferencing to the RT.  Allow about 10 minutes for members of the Technology Committee to present and address questions.

Discussion: _____________________________________


  1. Senator Don Ballard wishes to say a few words concerning our Constitution.


  1. 1st Lady Sally Jarneke for 2 minutes concerning her new position.


  1. Motion to propose a procedure for reviewing and modifying the 1836 Constitution of the Republic of Texas (amended in 2007) by _____________ Second by _________



Yeas ______ Nays ______ Abstain ___________



Made by ______________ and 2nd by ______________. Vote counts

Yeas ___ Nays ___ Abstains __.

Closing Prayer by ________________ Volunteer

7th session of the 19th Congress Joint Session is being recessed at ________ PM