June 13th meeting minutes

9:29 AM Meeting called to order by Speaker Bolock at the Tomball, Texas VFW Post


9:31 AM Speaker announced V.P. Ed Brannum as chairman of the joint session. ED phoned in that he will be late getting to the meeting due to having a tire blowout.


9:33 AM Opening Prayer offered by Chaplain Capps


9:36 AM President Jarnecke made the appointment of Charles Roberson to be the representative for Robertson County.


9:38 AM The Speaker announced Galen Beede as the Marshall for this joint session. Records keeper for this session is Rep. Susy Cammack.   The Speaker also announced that there would be a special session of the joint conference of the congress that will be a closed session and will start at 11:30 AM. All that are not members of the House or the Senate will need to vacate the room.


9:40 AM   Guests were invited to introduce themselves:

Kelly Cook – Willis, Texas (First timer, heard of RT following Feb. 14 raid)

James Woods – Magnolia , Texas – here because he is mad as hell   

Paul Johnson –   Manville, Texas

Roy Threlkeld – Copperfield, Texas (Houston suburb)

Jerry Threlkeld – Houston (N-side)    

James Ross Middlebrooks – Spring, Texas

James Edwards – Tomball, Texas

Galen Beadee – Katy, Texas


9:42 AM New representative for Robertson County, Charles Daniel Roberson was sworn into office by Secretary of State Billy Ford

 9:45 AM The Speaker announced that the House and the Senate will each meet separately for the purpose of reviewing and approving the second reading of the Appropriation Bill from the 19th Congress , HB 34-06-10-2015, SB 0730-1501. The Senate will adjourn to the adjacent room to conduct their business. The House will remain in this meeting room.


Sponsor of the bill, Rep. JoeBob Fallin read the bill read the Appropriation Bill (HB 34-06-10-2015, SB 0730-1501). Rep. Cammack floored the motion to accept the bill as read and it was seconded by Rep. Roberson.   The House voted unanimously to approve the second reading.

 10:14 AM House of Representatives Roll Call by Speaker Bolock:

            House Members Present:

Susy Cammack

Carl Chaney

Joebob Fallin

Charles Roberson

Bruce Bolock

(Not present – Glenn Fearn, Vincent Triemert, Mike Wells)

Total Qualified = 5


10:19 AM The senate rejoined the meeting and the Speaker called the joint session to order.

 10:21 AM Senate roll call by Speaker Bolock in the absence of the President of the Senate Ed Brannum :

            Senate members present:

Lloyd Zant

Don Ballard

Shawn Dorn

Robert Wilson

Stephen Berryman

(Not present – Troy Burris, Richard Waggoner and Dwayne Williams)

Total Qualified = 5


10:23 AM Commentary ensued by Speaker Bolock addressing proper spelling and any redundancies. The Speaker addressed clarification of the appropriations bill from Sen. Wilson. Paragraphs 13, 24, 25, 39, 43 and 46 were modified. Paragraph 45 needs to have clarification of the number of offices and the distribution of pay for each.   The vote to approve the second reading was unanimous in favor by both chambers of congress.

Texian Steve O’Brien asked, “Why is this appropriations bill needed?” Speaker Bolock responded that a great many of our elected officials travel great distances to serve the republic. If they maintain records of expenses that are in proper order and submit them for reimbursement, once the republic has the treasury to reimburse, even posthumously, the proceeds would go to the estate.

 10:29 AM Approval: Minutes of the May 9, 2015 Joint Congressional Meeting Motion to approve as posted on our official website by Sen. Ballard, second by Rep. Cammack. Only correction to be noted is to correct the spelling of visitors’ names to “T h r e l k e l d”. Passed unanimously by all present voting in favor of approval      

10:30 AM Sen. Wilson rose to speak for the International Committee. We do have a Dwolla Account however Dwolla has not formally informed us. Mr. Ford added that we also have a Paypal Account. Questioning how soon we can get the Dwolla information on the website. Sen. Wilson suggested that the Paypal Account set aside money for Texian ID cards. We have not received any contributions on Paypal. Press releases have ceased to be issued for two reasons: 1.) Nothing news-worthy is currently requiring them, and 2.) Writing efforts are now focused on the International effort. We do need to have someone volunteer to take on the responsibility for proof-reading, editing and issuing press releases and our Public Relations leaders, Sen. Wilson and Rep. Cammack are requested to find volunteers to fill these needed roles.

10:39 AM Rep. Cammack spoke to the as yet lacking interview with La Republica of Sen. Wilson and President Jarnecke. The reporter has not yet finalized his report to submit to the editor for publication.

10:41 AM Sen. Wilson asked of the visitors if there were any that could provide proof-reading skills or aiding in the issuance of press releases. A question was asked about the quantity of press releases. She was advised to discuss that with Rep. Cammack. Pres. Jarnecke informed that a reporter from the Houston Chronicle wants to spend a day with Rep. JoeBob Fallin as the youngest member of the legislature to report on that perspective. Ton Bailey volunteered to work on the proof-reading and editing of press releases.

10:48 AM Speaker Bolock provided an update on the meeting held with Mr. Cook of Phonoscope in Houston. President Jarnecke, vice President Brannum, Secretary Ford, Sen. Wilson, Sen. Berryman and the Speaker met in Phonoscope’s Houston offices about 1-1/2 months ago. More recently Sen. Wilson and Mr. Lahr met with Mr. Cook specifically to discuss the proposed TV channel for the Republic. There is agreement that the greatest hurdle to overcome the misinformation that pervades the general public. Educating the public is the driving force for this TV channel. Unfortunately, we do not have the talent amongst ourselves to produce this programming for the TV channel. We must find people that do have this talent and are like-minded concerning freedom and liberty. The recommendation to contact the film-makers from Fredericksburg, Chuck and Anita Untersee to see if they may be interested in being the producers for this programming. We have three areas of mutual interest with Mr. Cook including: 1.) the TV Channel for educating the public, 2.) the precious metals depository and Gold Card, and 3.) a Texas county wherein we could have sufficient impact to have elected a constitutional sheriff. Currently, Liberty County is the focus of interest.

11:30 AM   The Speaker asked that the meeting room be vacated by all except the members of the House and Senate for a special session.

 11:33 AM   In a closed meeting of the Joint Congress there was a vote to take action requiring tight security. The subject matter of that meeting and the result are reported in a separate addendum to these minutes.

12:12 PM Speaker Bolock requested a 1 hour break for lunch to re convene at 1:15 PM. There was no objection raised.

 1:15 PM Speaker Bolock reconvened the joint session

 1:17 PM President Jarnecke spoke at length about the meeting with Mr. Johan Schotte held in Dallas. Mutual monetary acceptance was also discussed. Secretary Ford discussed the alternative currency suggested by Mr. Schotte that would cost us about $20,000 and could be ready in about 30 days. Sen. Berryman addressed the Friends of Texas proposal to raise funds thru subscription to the RT. The free “Whatsapp” smart phone application was discussed.

 1:45 AM V.P. Brannum broached the subject of a Transitional Committee which he would like to include 2 executive branch members, 2 volunteer senators, 2 volunteer representatives and 2 judicial branch members. The VP advises that everyone have a copy of the current Texas State Directory. spoke to the issue of the contentious disagreement regarding the revision of the 1836 Republic of Texas Constitution. The VP addressed many issues that will require action to transition from State of Texas to the Republic of Texas jurisdiction. CAFRE accounts at all levels of government need to be reviewed and audited. Sen. Wilson advised that a congressional committee must be proposed to the congress with a charter.

2:20 PM   Rep. Fallin expressed the need to raise awareness to what is coming and encouraging people to get involved and not sit on the sidelines observing the destruction of their country and the livelyhood of their families. Recognizable and highly regarded spokespersons are needed to publicize this effort.   Ted Nugent and Chuck Norris names were offered.

2:27 PM Steve O’Brien and Doc Kroupa now have an internet radio program on Sunday evenings, Republic of Texas Radio. Steve is asking for volunteers to help produce programming . He wants to hear from people, Texians, would-be Texians, and elected officials sharing information that could possibly be used on the program. He needs someone to work as a producer for the program.

2:30 PM Tom O’Halloran presented statistics on the traffic at the website. He then spoke about the website he built for the RT. Mr. O’Halloran also aired his negative views of what has been going with various committees that seem to have been commandeered by others and he’s been dictated to and, duly noted, has now resigned punctuating his ending commentary.

 2:40 PM Speaker Bolock then responded to Mr. O’Halloran’s commentary by beginning with the security of certain sensitive instruments being deliberated in various committees. The Speaker stressed that exclusion was never intended at any point.

 2:43 PM Dr. Kroupa commented regarding his initial interpretation of some on the international committee from the get go alluding to the conversation he had with SC Justice Ray Cannon. Doc also included the fact that Tom had to be present for the 3 days of the Memorial Prayer Committee meeting because it was through him that the space was acquired. Dr. Kroupa brought to light his disgust with the secret meetings conducted during our monthly meetings.

2:50 PM Speaker Bolock responded to Dr. Kroupa by stating the municipal councils and county commissioners courts have closed sessions to address sensitive information. It could be about the interview process to fill a vacant seat on their council/court. Or, it could address sensitive information about an employee that could result in legal action if it got out to the public. Only the elected Texians of the legislature represent the people of Texas and it is they that have the responsibility. It is not the executive branch or the judicial branch’s responsibility. If there is anyone that disagrees with this secret meeting policy it is suggested that you run for representative or senator and get elected then come and change it through the lawful process.

 2:53 PM Steve O’Brien took the floor to speak to the fact that he feels that Mr. O’Halloran was mishandled because he doesn’t see a path forward from here for him.

 2:54 PM Mr. Richard Perkins stood to speak to the fact that he recognizes that people in the RT shouldn’t be compared to the de facto government. The time to trust is when you are most in doubt. There are times when we need to keep information confidential.

2:58 PM Secretary Ford PM President Jarnecke referred to Article 1, Section 17 of our Constitution.

 2:59 PM Secretary Ford stated that though he’s technically challenged but he can do research and that we function wonderfully as a team, we cannot function as single units. He agrees that he and Dr. Kroupa don’t agree on this subject but that they can agree to disagree.

3:03 PM Speaker Bolock stated that the mindset of this Congress is such that when we heard a wop-wop-wop noise during our closed session we all immediately thought it was a helocopter ……………and it was Jade Helm 15 immediately overhead and coming for us.   But it turned out to only be a speaker malfunctioned that sounded like a helocopter.

3:06 PM Rep. Roberson stated that he believes there is a misunderstanding in the communications between Mr. O’Halloran and the International Committee. Mr. O’Halloran reiterated that there was no miscommunications and several others would agree with him.

3:08 PM Pres. Jarnecke personally concurred that there were times he could not be in on calls that had become closed to people who had missed certain calls. He asked that Mr. O’Halloran please not resign as webmaster because he is respected and needed. The end goal is what we should all be striving for …. so let’s move on toward that end.

3:10 PM Speaker Bolock stated that he is the one that facilitates these Zoom meetings, controls the opportunities to speak, and enforces the rules for conducting the meetings.   If something was misinterpreted by me and communicated erroneously to others I apologize. There was never any malicious intent to hurt Mr. O’Halloran at any point in time and apologize to Tom or anyone else who felt they were wronged.

 3:12 PM Tom Bailey rose to talk about differences that bring us more together than tear us apart. The “Accuser” is out there looking to tear apart all that is the positive that we gird ourselves with. The more intense the pressure the shorter the fuse gets. We must stay united.

3:16 PM Sen. Wilson, “Historically, I have opposed some Senate and House resolutions because they have no business telling other people what to do. If 90% of the decisions are made by the people in the townships the better the local government will work. Senator Wilson hereby resigns from the Technology Committee permanently, irrevocably and forever.”

 3:21 PM VP Brannum beseeched Mr. O’Halloran to “stick with us another month or so….at least. ” In another couple of months we will be facing elections and Secretary Ford will need as much help as he can get.”

 3:23 PM Sen. Berryman stood to apologize personally to Tom for any part he might have played that resulted in the events leading up to today.

 3:28 PM A 15 minute recess was called for by VP Brannum.

3:42 PM Senator Wilson requested all recorders be turned off.

 4:10 PM   Sen. Zant provided an update report on Jade Helm 15.

 4:17 PM Sen. Wilson shared an opinion on what would be the worst thing to happen that would jeopardize your ability to survive. It would not be famine, an emf attack, even WWIII. It would be a total collapse of the credit system. This will result in a total collapse of the infrastructure. How could we keep Texas running. We need an alternative currency system. We need to personally address this and work to cooperate with our neighbors to learn what we can all offer for survival and to plan for the event. What can you offer for survival? If you have a mortgage on your home they will foreclose on you if you can’t pay your mortgage. You may be able to protect your home by having a lien on it. Rep. Cammack also offered some advice that she has learned about foreclosure that you can use to protect you.


4:44 PM Nest Session to be held July 11, 2015 @ 9 AM tin Tomball, Texas at the VFW Post


4:47 PM Motion to have the August Congressional meeting in Azle, Texas, by Rep. Bolock and seconded by Rep. Roberson. Voting was 12 in favor, 4 opposed, and 3 abstentions. The August meeting will be in Azle, Texas.


                 We recommend establishing the rule for voting on the meeting location as:   all documented Texians are eligible to vote on the location for the proposed Congressional Meeting.



4:54 PM   Motion to recess until 9:30 AM July 11, 2015 in Tomball ,Texas by Rep. Cammack and seconded by Rep. Chaney.   just action to do so, and so they did.


4:55 PM Closing prayer by Chaplain Capps

Minutes were recorded by Rep. Susy Cammack on June 13, 2015


Minutes were transcribed by Speaker Bolock on July 6, 2015



Approved by joint House and Senate vote on ____________________