A) County Chief Justices

To see the correlation between the republic of Texas counties and the counties of today, please see the County Cross Reference

Austin County: Greg Wiemken

Brazos County: Dr. Olva Earl Ryan DC

Harris County: Jennifer Shannon West

Liberty County: Vacant

Bexar County: Vacant

Bowie County: Vacant

Brazoria County: Vacant

Fannin County: David White

Gonzales County: Vacant

Milam County: Jimmy Kemp

Montgomery County: Vacant

Nacogdoches County: Vacant

Robertson County: Andrew Worley

Travis County: David Young

Washington County: Carl Chaney

B) Judicial District Chief Justices

District #1: Open

District #2: Open

District #3: Donna Cartwright

District #4: Dan Langston | Phone: 830-570-3473

District #5: Open

District #6: Open

District #7: Trey Waggoner

District #8: Open