Sam Houston’s Notes Before San Jacinto, April 19, 1836

Sam Houston's Notes


Camp at Harrisburgh
19th April 1836

This morning we are in preparation to
meet Sant Ana [Santa Anna]. It is the only chance of
saving Texas. From time to time I have looked
for re-inforcements in vain. The Convention ad-
journing to Harrisburgh struck panic throughout
the country. Texas could have started at least
4000 men; we will only have about 700 to
march with beside the Camp Guard. We
go to conquer. It is wisdom growing out
of necessity to meet and fight the enemy
now. Every consideration enforces it. No pre-
vious occasion would justify it. The troops
are in fine spirits, and now is the time for

My Adjt Genl Wharton, Inspr Genl Hock-
ley Aid [sic] de Camp Horton
“ “ “ W.H. Patton
“ “ “ Collingsworth
Volunteer Aid [sic] Cerry
“ “ Perry
Maj. Cook Asst Inspr Genl will be with

We will use our best efforts to fight
the enemy to such advantage, as will insure [sic]
victory, tho’ the odds is greatly against us.
I leave the result in the hands of a wise God
and rely upon his Providence.

My country will do justice to those
who serve her. The rights for which we fight
will be secured, and Texas Free.

Saml Houston
Comr in Chief

Col. Rusk is in the field.