Fundamental Principles Of Human Freedom

The following 10 items listed were read to the Congress and visitors on March 14th, 2015 and are to be items of consideration in the making of the Texian people’s revised Constitution for the sole purpose of fully protecting all Texians against any Government as elected by the people for the people.

Without defining and agreeing on the few basic, natural principles that have occurred to many civilized societies through recorded history, we cannot write a constitution or articles of confederation that will keep the sovereign power always in the hands of all the people. If we don’t preserve the people’s ultimate power and authority, freedom will be eroded and government subjugation of the people will increase. History proves this beyond doubt.

Here are some Fundamental Principles we need to know and utilize:

  1.  Freedom is a natural, God-given right of every human being.

2.  No human has a right to deprive another human of freedom, life or owned property. Thus, every human has the natural right to defend his life, liberty and property from being taken away.

3.  No human has the right to delegate to a group of people, any encroachment on the freedom of any other human or humans, because Principle 2 denies him that right. Never ask elected officials to get something for you, because they will then take things from another human.

4.  Any group of humans can temporarily delegate some tasks to a provider of services. That was called Government, but that is a misleading word. It implies that we gave away our natural right to be self-governing. I can only govern what is under my hat – myself. Nobody governs me.

5.  Any monopoly on necessary services will always end up hurting The People. Instead we must allow unrestricted Competition among various Providers of services. Services can always be provided by specialists from among The People, who bid on providing such services for a limited time at a fixed price. A clear contract is written and signed, limiting the powers and defining the duties of these public servants.

6.  The best place for most public services to be provided is locally, in a town or township area of one culture. If some services can be better provided at a County level, let The People vote on doing that.

7.  Some towns will accomplish local self-rule better than others. That establishes the principle of Competition. You may choose to move to the best town and spend your earned currency there. We call that, voting with your feet and your currency. The poorer town can decide to imitate the policies and practices of the more successful town.

8.  Any service, security, infrastructure, etc. ever offered by a government, can be provided cheaper and better by private entrepreneurs. We really do Not Need a powerful government, at any level.

9.  Protection from predators is a controversial service. During the Hurricane Katrina disaster, one nice New Orleans neighborhood hired seasoned military commandos to come and protect the neighborhood. No looting or killing occurred there. Private providers can be found for Any Service.

10.  Ideally, the only service that an elected National government provides is to do the will of The People in any dealings with another nation. Again, this is by a temporary contract only, and must not include Military services. A monopoly on Armed Force will evolve into a monopoly on everything. Again, history abounds with proof of that Principle.

As we work toward a true Social Contract that will always keep The People in authority over any elected office holders, let’s keep these Fundamental Principles in mind, so we don’t fall into old, familiar traps again. All office holders must continually be fully accountable to The People, and removable very quickly.

– By Senator Bob Wilson