Seceding is the reversal of “ceding” some land to another. The republic of Texas never ceded its land to the United States, and that is very clear in the Annexation Agreement between them. What was changed was the form of government in Texas, and that can be changed again. The lands of Texas still belong to the republic of Texas to this day, including submerged coastal land for 12 leagues out into the Gulf, confirmed by court cases.

Why is Seceding suddenly so popular?

All around the world, people who had been lulled into a state of apathy and artificial prosperity, have been jolted out of it by events that reveal dictatorial governments and monetary collapse, leading to chaos and loss of life, liberty and property. People have suddenly realized they can govern themselves better than unaccountable governments are doing it for them. So 100s of 1000s of people sign petitions or protest in the streets to show they are serious about their concerns. For every petition-signer there are 3 or 4 more who like the petition but don’t want their name on a White House list. Seceding is just the popular word for their “right to establish a new government” when the old one fails in its duties.

Is Texas a “Democracy”?

When Independence from Mexico was won in 1836, Texas chose to become a “constitutional republic.” That form of government leaves ultimate authority in the hands of “the people” who live on the land of Texas. The people elect trustworthy representatives delegated to take care of a few matters like national defense, protection from criminals, an honest monetary system, and so on. Their Constitution severely limits the actions and power of their government, and places very few limits on the people. The people are unhindered in pursuing life, liberty and property. The result is virtually the opposite of a modern democracy that typically morphs into a mob-ocracy as government promotes group envy to win elections. Did you ever “pledge Allegiance to the Flag, and to the Democracy for which it stands”?

Would the republic of Texas start a revolution against the US?

The government of the republic of Texas exists and operates today, and is committed to proceeding lawfully, which includes no acts of aggression against anyone. The question of self-defense against an attacker is a lawful matter also; and we will act within the laws of our Texas Republic.

How could the republic of Texas sustain itself in the modern world?

The people of Texas have always been innovative and ambitious. Currently Texas is the 13th largest economy in the world. Excessive interference by State or Federal governments has inhibited much creativity, but when set free of such interference, Texians will amaze the world with their progress. They don’t need Big Government and will prosper without it.

Why should we believe Texas is a nation?

Texas became a nation by Treaty, signed by the President of Mexico when he and his armies were defeated by Texian soldiers at San Jacinto. Texians quickly formed a government and signed international treaties with France, Yucatan, the Netherlands and other nations, which are valid to this day. Our embassies are still in France and England, being used for other purposes (The Vendome Hotel, Paris).

What are your positions on current issues like abortion, gun violence, same-sex marriage, etc.?

Surely you can see that those “issues” were promoted by lawyers and politicians to divide and conquer We the People, we who hold all the authority and can remove public servants if they are unfaithful. If there is a real grass-roots issue, it must be resolved county by county, and people can vote by moving to where they agree. The national government must stay small and limited in scope. The 2nd in the Bill of Rights was openly to enable the people to resist tyrannical leaders.

Is there a good illustration of what this ‘secession’ fever really means?

In the movie “Network”, Peter Finch played a TV anchorman who saw blatant dishonesty, and on the evening news he asked his millions of viewers to open their window and yell: “I’m mad as hell, and I won’t take it any more!” That is what the so-called secessionists and protesters are really expressing!


the spirit of the age. Fresh winds blowing everywhere for Independence. Caladans vs Spain, Iceland vs IMF & central govt, Kosovo vs Russia, Hawaiian Kingdom vs US, etc.

What has your Texas Republic done for its people?

  • Researched and discovered the Truth, and Truth sets them free.
  • Provided “metal money” for them, so barter works – over 25,000 merchants here accept our silver, copper and gold rounds for the goods and services Texians want.
  • Commodity Banking, so your gold or silver can be in a very safe place, but you can “monetize” it with a cell phone call.
  • Travel ID cards, government issued with photo, to make travel less of a hassle.
  • County Readiness Volunteers to help if emergencies arise.
  • Other initiatives we are not ready to release yet.

What lies ahead for the Texas Republic?

Preparing everything it takes to be ready to govern when a monetary collapse occurs or other chaos erupts due to malfeasance in DC or Austin. Many real economists agree it is inevitable. Many groups of nations have spurned the US dollar as unstable and falling too fast, and the BRICS have already agreed to use gold instead of dollars, as an international standard for currencies. The times they are ‘a-changing’.