Election Notice

GENERAL ELECTIONS by We the Texian people for National and county offices of the  Republic of Texas Constitutional Government will be held nationwide on Monday September 4, 2017 in all Districts and Counties for seating of the 22nd Congress and other offices.


Positions that are up for elections:

  • 4 Senatorial Districts
  • 36 County Representatives
  • 36 Justice of Peace and other associated county officers

To learn how you can qualify as a Texian National and an Elector and determine where to cast your ballot, visit www.thetexasrepublic.com or call our information line 24/7 at 888-656-5515 and leave a message including your name and phone number. Speak slowly and clearly when providing your information.

Texas republic National elections are open for all Texians who wish to participate and have qualified by completing and submitting a  Declaration for Texian Nationality Truth Affidavit or a Declaration of Allegiance to the Republic of Texas. To receive either of these documents, email reptx777@att.net or request them over our information line 888-656-5515.

Those Texians inhabited in present day New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, or Oklahoma and are domiciled within the Texas republic boundaries that desire to inquire about elector qualifications, email reptx777@att.net.

Posted by the authority of the People of the Republic of Texas Constitution.
The ONLY Constitution Texas has ever had.


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