The next scheduled National Election will be held
SEPTEMBER 14, 2019


In preparation for our upcoming National Election in September, as of May 28, 2018 we are now accepting Applications for Government Elected Office. Most elected offices, except the Executive Branch and Senators, are elected annually. Download the Application for Government Elected Office (PDF) and completely fill out the application form, including witnesses and the red ink thumb print (in the lower right corner where it states “MYSEAL”.  Then mail it through the USPS to the Texas Republic’s Secretary of State, Billy D. Ford:

The republic of Texas
c/o [ P.O. Box 280 ]
Iola, Texas republic [non-domestic]

You must be a documented Texian American to be eligible for public office in the republic of Texas. Affidavit and Declaration as a Texian American can be obtained on this website by clicking on this link:  Affidavit of Facts as a Texian (Application to become a Texian) – PDF


Due to the untimely resignation due to  health reasons vice president Troy Burris submitted his resignation in early April requiring the president to appoint another to Vice President on an interim basis. A special election to complete the term is now scheduled and ballots are being prepared. The Special Election for Vice President of the Texas Republic is now scheduled for  Wednesday, June 1, 2019.


Other elections will be planned and scheduled as necessary.


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