Declaration Of Disapproval

We, as elected officials representing The Texas Republic, publicly declare our disapproval and opposition to the policies and practices of powerful governments in their so-called “wars, police actions, peace-keeping, nation-building, democracy-spreading” missions which include the killing of innocent non-combatants around the world.

These are clearly violations of international laws and treaties, and bring world-wide scorn on all of us who live in north America. We will never condone such conduct, no matter how cleverly it is “justified” by governments and their news releases. Much of such misconduct benefits the elites at the expense of the honest working people. The sovereign nation, Texas, will never participate in those abhorent crimes against humanity. Nor will we be passively silent on such conduct by any nation’s government.

We declare our solidarity with the peoples who suffer and die from such military interventions in their countries. Those interventions include not only armed forces, but stealth missions by other operatives serving government policies. We refuse to support such atrocities with our wages, our taxes, our sons and daughters, nor by timidly being silent when another international atrocity comes to light.

We call on other peace-loving nations and peoples to stand with us in strong opposition to all such violent actions by said military powers in committing international crimes. It is time to make a stand for justice for all, in a world that is destroying justice with each international atrocity that is allowed or ignored. We call on higher tribunals to receive and quickly act on complaints of treaty violations and inhumane conduct by said powerful governments and their allies.

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