The republic of Texas elections conducted by mail in September 2013 yielded the following results:


National offices, Executive Branch:
(these two will take office on the second Monday of December 2013)

President of Texas Republic: John H. Jarnecke from Fredericksburg

Vice President: Ed Brannum from Victoria (also presides over the Senate and can break a tie vote there)


Congressional Branch of government:
(these took office on Sept. 28, 2013)

Senate: District 3 – Loyd Zant;   District 4 – Donald J. Ballard;   District 8 – Robert Wilson;   District 9 – Richard Waggoner;   District 10 – Luther Troy Burris;

House of Representatives:  District 1 – Sally Sue Jarnecke representing Travis County;   District 3 – Mike Wells representing Harris County, and Lionel Lemelle representing Liberty County;   Carl E. Chaney representing Washington County;   District 7 – Robert  Taylor representing Colorado Countyy;   District 9 – Milton Bell representing Bexar County;   District 10 – Douglas Terry Blackwell representing Nacodoches County;   District 11 – Dwayne Williams representing Brazoria County. and Bruce Keith Bolock representing Seat 2 of Brazoria County;


Judiciary Branch, Chief Justices:   Albert Thomas of Liberty County, Terry Don Hall of Montgomery County, Jimmy McIver of Washington County, Jimmy Kemp of Milam County, Clyde Oder of Robertson County, Terry Mayhew of Bexar County,

County Sheriff:   Glen Fearn of Robertson County

[this list may be corrected if anyone listed does not accept the office nor take their Oath of Office]