Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th Ed.:

Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th Ed.

Of: A term denoting that from which anything proceeds; indicating origin, source, descent, and the like; as, he is of noble blood. Associated with or connected with, usually in some casual relation, efficient, material, formal, or final. The word has been held equivalent to after; at, or belonging to; in possession of; manufactured by; residing at; from.[Emphasis added].

We need to look at how we use this word in regard to Citizenship. If I claim to be a Citizen OF anything, I am saying, by legal definition, that it is superior to me. Since I am created by God, He is the only thing greater than me. So it would be correct to say that I am OF God.

Heaven forbid that I would ever admit to being a citizen OF the United States. That simply would put me as under subjection to the Corporation, USA, Inc, as their creation. It would validate their presumption that I was a surety for a legal fiction, the Straw Man, which is subject, as their creation, to all of their corporate ordinances, rules, statutes, regulations, codes, procedures, etc.

In fact, it is NOT even correct to say that I am a Citizen OF the Republic of Texas. The correct way to communicate this thought is to say I am a Texas Republic North American Citizen. By this statement, I retain the sovereignty, freedom and liberty given by my Creator.

For those living in the states of the American Union, they should simply state, “I am an North American Citizen.”

Remember, this is only important in the LEGAL sense, but that is what they use against us.

Submitted for your thoughtful consideration by Jesse Enloe 1997

Which of the following would you say is correct wording?

“I, a Texian American Sovereign of the Republic of Texas” or “I, a Texian American Sovereign from the Texas republic”.


COMMON SENSE – The Case for an Independent Texas


Robert P. Murphy

Robert Patrick Murphy is an American economist. Murphy is Research Assistant Professor with the Free Market Institute at Texas Tech University. He has been affiliated with Laffer Associates, the Pacific Research Institute, the Institute for Energy Research, the Independent Institute, the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and the Fraser Institute. Murphy is also noteworthy, and has been criticized by economists Brad DeLong and Paul Krugman for, repeatedly predicting that the quantitative easing practiced by the Federal Reserve in the late 2000s would create double-digit inflation and economic collapse—predictions that have not yet come to fruition.


By Republic of Texas Speaker of the House, B.K. Bolock

As the author, Robert P. Murphy, refers to this work as a “pamphlet.” We in the Republic of Texas would prefer to refer to it as “treatise” since it systematically addresses the case supporting the independence of the Republic of Texas.

In this publication the people of Texas are referred to as Texans.  To clarify, only U.S. Corporate persons are Texans and U.S. citizens.  The people on the land of the Republic of Texas are Texians.  It was Texians that created the Republic of Texas and, as such, are sovereigns over the government.

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