April 11th Meeting Minutes

9:45 Opening prayer by Chaplain Capps

9:47 Meeting called to order by Speaker Bolock, roll called
Senate members present:
Lloyd Zant
Robert Wilson
Richard Waggoner
Troy Burris
Dwayne Williams
Stephen Berryman
House Members Present:
Susy Cammack
Bruce Bolock
Joe Bob Fallin
Carl Chaney

9:55 Tom O’halloran announced Lunch 2.0 – and took vote on where to get the day’s lunch from, the decision to eat in having been made.

10:01 Motion to approve the minutes of the March, 2015 Congressional meeting as posted on website by Rep. Chaney, 2nd by Rep. Cammack. Motion passed unanimously.

10:05 Speaker Bolock addressed Congress re/ the International committee. He invited others to join the committee and participate in the PR conference calls to further their understanding of the process.

10:07 Ray Cannon addressed Congress re/ Int’l Committee on the process and the effort to get the word out. Addressed the birthright protected by the original organic constitution. The civil war changed the constitution by suspending it and it was never restored. Habeas Corpus was suspended. Suggested reading the book “American Bastile” by John Marshall. Other book references include: “The Four Acts of Despotism”, “Prisoner of State”, “Fourteen Months in the American Bastile”. Commented on the Milligan vs Ex Parte and habeas corpus.

10:38 VP Brannum addressed Congress re/ the 1848 annexation of Corp. Texas and updated Congress re/ the latest Press Release. Do we know who the federal government presumes we are? Corporate fictions. Records going back to 1845 show in Dunn and Bradstreet. Obama is the Commander-in-Chief and not the lawful president . We are under martial law.

10:43 Sen. Wilson addressed Congress on the decision to use “Teaser” type Press Releases to draw people into the Media. Concerning press releases: 1. They will be concise, common language and issued to provoke a response in the journalistic world. The more detailed writings of Ray Cannon will be posted on our website. Recommended Dr. Kroupa be one to write these press release.

10:46 Tom O’Halloran volunteered to add a “Join the Int’l Committe” button on the website.

10:48 President Jarnecke introduced Guest Journalist Dillon Vidar

10:49 President Jarnecke spoke to Congress re/ Media’s fixation on “event based” reporting.

10:51 President Jarnecke read the Writ of Elections for the April 27th Special Elections into the record. A discussion followed concerning the need to be a Texian in order to vote OR run for office.

Tom O’Halloran was directed to update the website to announce the Election, and to provide ballots.

11:05 President Jarnecke addressed Congress re/ interviews that have been made and praised Rep. Cammack for her performance on the Raging Elephants Radio. He invited her to be a deputy Press Officer to Sen Bob Wilson.

11:05 Rep Fallin recommended that we place something on the website re/ Richard McLaren’s standoff with law enforcement. President Jarnecke concurred.

11:25 Speaker Bolock addressed Congress re/ the Human Rights Complaint process, urging all rT personnel to file reports.

11:32 Secretary of State Ford explained the process of filing the HRC forms.

11:39 Chief Justice (Harris County) Doc Kroupa introduced guest Galen B. (Harris County) who addressed Congress, asking for an ‘action plan” for moving forward.

11:44 Secretary of State Ford explained that we actually HAVE an action plan to get our freedom back.

11:50 Rep Chaney addressed Congress re/ His family’s heritage.

12:02 Sen Waggoner addressed Congress re/ the USA buying land & transferring it over to the Indians because of the Indians’ using a solid legal process.

12:04 Speaker Bolock addressed Congress and our guest re/ the need to resolve our issues in International Court.

12:05 VP Brannum addressed Congress re/ our need to take out case to Human Rights Organization in the UN, and not the Hague Court.

12:06 Guest Brandon from Round Rock asked about the process of moving from a state to a Republic. VP Brannum addressed the contracts in place with the State, and the need to retain much of this would require keeping many in the State bureaucracy in place.

Sec. State Ford addressed Congress re/ the process started in 2005 to set up the Government in abeyance…

12:10 Guest Barbara McDermott from New Braunfels asked how many Texians we have registered. Sec. State Ford addressed this issue and explained how & why Texas is STILL recognized as a Republic.

12:15 Sen Wilson addressed Congress re/ the Reuters poll that asked about a free and separate Texas. Original poll had 25% wanted Texas independence. That poll increased to 38% in 2014. That means about 10 million Texans/Texians are in favor of independence.

12:17 Speaker Bolock addressed Congress re/ our attendance and the possible effect on low attendance coming from main stream medias portrayal of the rT.

Sen Waggoner addressed Congress re/ website traffic before the raid <200 a day & our current web traffic being 5,000>. He mentioned that he passes out RT coins to get peoples’ attention.

12:21 Ray Cannon addressed Congress the Constitution has been suspended since the Civil War. The Common Law is included in the Constitution. The Commander-in-Chief can overrule any court in this country. Martial law trumps all judicial process in this country. The Leiber Code and the Hague Convention 1907 address wartime law.

12:40 Break for lunch

1:16 Reconvene meeting. Ray Cannon addressed Congress re/ how many Texians there are. He then addressed the Treaty of Annexation and it retained its public lands not ceding the land over to the United States. The same is true concerning the native Americans and their treaties with the USA. They retained the land of their ancestors. These agreements (treaties) are between nations and not between individuals. As such they are in the jurisdiction of International courts. The strategy of the republic of Texas is to follow the paths that others have taken before us.

1:44 Speaker Bolock made a motion to contract with Zoom for teleconferencing service. 2nd by Rep. Cammack. It was ammended to reimburse Steve Berryman for the first month on Zoom and advance $9.99 for the second month, providing an agenda item to advance $9.99 for the next month. This montion and amendment was negated by Mr. and Mrs. Capps action in the following item.

1:46 Chaplain & Mrs Capps offered to fund the Zoom contract, and conversation is tabled, the Capps will work out details with Sen. Berryman.

1:59 CJ – Brazoria County Bailey addressed Congress re/ our birthright and what happens when you freely give it up. He urged the new guests to get involved now.

2:05 Rep. Cammack addressed Congress re/ her experience at the Goliad event, the history teacher (Mr. Vickers) and the Burnett flag.

2:10 Brandon (Sandberg??) from Round Rock addressed Congress with ideas for moving forward.

2:16 Rep. Cheney addressed Congress re/ his experiences at the Goliad event.

2:19 VP Brannum addressed Congress re/ some desalination projects he is working on in Victoria.

2:21 Sen. Wilson addressed Congress re/ the Texas Freedom Fund and the Dwolla account status. Continuing to jump through hoops. It is extremely difficult. They now require an email address . That has now been provided.

2:28 Sen Wilson addressed Congress re/ Past President Jerry Lahr’s intent to draft the perfect Preamble to the Constitution. This would be the first time in history that the people assembled to draft a Constitution and not be bound by “time honored traditions” where certain elites, prominent people are given the authority to draft a document favoring the privileged class. Laws are to limit the government and not limit the people. To own your own life requires that you allow others to own their own lives. This in turn requires all to be responsible for themselves and their actions. When writing the preamble words must be defined to assure their is no misinterpratation of the word.

2:51 Speaker Bolock addressed Congress re/ setting up 2 man teams to rewrite the constitution. The two guests who expressed interest in participating chose partners to work with in drafting the preamble.

3:00 Rep Fallin addressed Congress re/ what is standing in the way to get recognition as a nation.. What steps do we need to make.

3:04 Sen Wilson addressed Congress to answer Rep Fallin dealing with the Constitution change process. We will move forward on the basis of the 1836 Constitution. Concurrently we should be addressing the changes necessary to limit the power of elected government to assure we Texians are not limited by the elected government. SCCJ Cannon challenged that we need to understand the science of government. It takes years to effect substantial change in government. We must write a “Memorial” that defines who we are.

3:22 Ron Avery addressed Congress re/ going to the International commission rather than to the UN. The rT needs other nations to recognize the Republic of Texas. When a people declare their independence they can be recognized by other nations.

3:28 CJ Doc Kroupa addressed Congress about moving forward rather than delaying the process. It is time for us to move forward!

Sen. Waggoner stated there are 177 nations not encumbered by the international corporations. Why do we not seek their recognition?

CJ Brazoria County stated his confusion concerned that all nations may be under the influence of the crown and will work a deal to not recognize Texas.

SoS Ford stated that Texas became an independent nation when it declared independence from Mexico. That independence was won when Santa Ana was defeated and the treaty was signed. We can’t throw out the 1836 Constitution. We can amend it.

3:46 Sen. Dwayne Williams addressed Congress re/ our currency giving us standing as a nation.

3:48 Rep Chaney addressed Congress re/ the socialism issue in America and the Bar Card attorneys.

3:50 Sec. State Ford addressed Congress re/ our independence, where we are, and where we are heading.

CJ Paul Andrus admonished all to point the finger back at yourself. We all individually are responsible for what we let them do to us. Take positive steps. Pick who you are going to try to educate to correct wrongdoing.

3:54 Sen. Wilson offered to draft a chart to show the roadmap process Tom O’Halloran offered to do the charting w/ data input from Sen Wilson.

4:12 Our host, Ron Avery read a document into the record.

4:50 Tom O’Halloran addressed Congress with a website update.

Motion to adjourn by Rep Chaney 2nd by Rep Cammack passed unanimously.

5:00 Closing prayer by Chaplain Capps / Meeting Adjourned