Separation of Church and State

That is the question and the following is my opinion only.

In my opinion when a United States of America person or Texan person references the topic of “Church  and State” we need to understand what that phrase means. First of all, our forefathers knew the difference and only meant to state that ordained ministers and preachers could not hold a government position because they had accepted a higher calling and, second, people did not want their government forming a government run church. It had nothing to do with the buildings that most consider as Churches.

In reading the definition below you will see that the Church is neither a building or property but the people that makeup the body of Christ congregating as one or more united congregations.

Therefore, if you have a government that promotes the  “Separation of Church from State” you are separating the government from the people. This is the trap into which the people and the once-a-week Christians have fallen.   Therefore, the UNITED STATES is imploding  because the corporate Government has for many years removed God from its foundation.

In order for any free Republic to survive, the people ( the Church) must be able to control  their government. This has always been done by way of constitutions.  However, after all the so-called government entities became corporations, their constitutions were by-passed, slowly taking control and the people’s God given unalienable rights given away.

George Washington said it best; “Government is like a fire, useful in the fireplace, but if it gets out of its place, it will consume everything you own”.

This is what is happening in the Corporate UNITED STATES and its sub-divisions, STATE OF STATES, at this very moment. All the people’s freedoms are slowly being abolished including our freedom to worship.

I declare that the republic of Texas will only survive as long as we Texians stand strong behind our constitution and require all government entity members to only conduct business standing first, under the one and only Almighty God the Creator and second, always under the Texian people’s authority and not allowing dictatorial persons to take control and create a “Separation of Church and State” which equals “Divide and Conquer.”

I find no reference requiring “Separation of Church and State” in any republic of Texas documents. There is a constitutional reference that ministers cannot hold a government office and that is to prevent the Government from forming a Government run non-Christian church as is presently done in countries in the Middle East, Asia and other areas.

Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary 1828

Displaying 1 result(s) from the 1828 edition:


  1. A house consecrated to the worship of God, among Christians; the Lords house. This seems to be the original meaning of the word. The Greek, to call out or call together, denotes an assembly or collection. But, Lord, a term applied by the early Christians to Jesus Christ; and the house in which they worshipped was named from the title. So church goods, bona ecclesiastica; the Lords day, dies dominica.
  2. The collective body of Christians, or of those who profess to believe in Christ, and acknowledge him to be the Savior of mankind. In this sense, the church is sometimes called the Catholic or Universal Church.
  3. A particular number of christens, united under one form of ecclesiastical government, in one creed, and using the same ritual and ceremonies; as the English church; the Gallican church; the Presbyterian church; the Romish church; the Greek church.
  4. The followers of Christ in a particular city or province; as the church of Ephesus, or of Antioch.
  5. The Disciples of Christ assembled for worship in a particular place, as in a private house. Col. 4.
  6. The worshipers of Jehovah or the true God, before the advent of Christ; as the Jewish church.
  7. The body of clergy, or ecclesiastics, in distinction from the laity. Hence, ecclesiastical authority.
  8. An assembly of sacred rulers convened in Christ’s name to execute his laws.

In re-searching the one book of Islam religion it appears to me that it does not allow for freedom of religion as is done in the several Holy Bibles, which gives me freedom of choice to believe or not believe. The republic of Texas is all about truth and freedoms for the people given their inalienable rights inherited by covenant from our Almighty God the one Creator and our organic Declaration of Rights.

Therefore I, as a Texian and officer, cannot comply with the said religion above or any secret society’s religious orders that abolish the Texian people’s rights  causing them to lose freedom of choice.  When hidden agendas are applied by any dictatorial type social compact, such movements by anyone attempting to inject such religions into our republic of Texas government by way of elections or appointments must be prevented unless the people amend the constitution as is.

By Ed Brannum

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