Progress Report – Texas Republic Restoration & Independence

Year 2005:  Texians held elections and convened the 10th Congress, that had failed to convene in 1845. This was a first step in exercising self-determination by the Texian People.

2007:  The Texian People voted to amend the original 1836 Texian Constitution. This updated it for the positive changes in American values over the 171 years since 1836.

2012:  The Texian Congress established an International Committee to study possible ways of restoring Texian sovereign independence by means of a higher tribunal not accountable to United States courts. This initiated the search for an international solution. 

2015: All usual congressional business was delayed in order to move as fast as possible on an “international solution.”  Having researched intensively and learned much international law, the International Committee began to probe the international agencies with requests for assistance in asserting our Right of Self-determination, enshrined in the UN Charter and many international treaties. It is called a Peremptory Norm, meaning it overrules all national constitutions and laws. The US has signed on to said Charter and is obligated to comply with the finding of an International Court on our case if we prevail.

2016:  After much study and writing, the International Committee had prepared an authenticated History of the Nation Texas, fully footnoted with existing historical sources. This History is the background for demonstrating the reality of the sovereign nation Texas and its many treaties with other nations on the Earth. It is now posted on our national website:

2016:  Simultaneously, our Congress was developing transitional plans, methods and resources to smoothly provide for an orderly change of leadership for Texas. All the essential functions of Texas will continue, and with much more freedom to innovate and improve life for all in Texas.

2016:  With the help of a major Texas public utility, the International Committee was able to make a half-hour video of a Forum on Texian self-determination and how it works. A link to that compelling video is now on our national website (see above).

2017:  A Public Relations Committee was formed by Congress to take the good news of Texian progress far and wide. This effort has put us on social media and is reaching younger generations. Our PR has also taken individual questions and answers from the Forum mentioned above, and turned each into a short YouTube video, available on our YouTube channel. These are major developments and you can access them and promote them to your own contacts.

2017:  The International Committee is preparing for a second Forum on the topic:  It will address  the administrative state and its impact on our representative republic form of government.  Also, how does a ‘Republic’ form of self-governing really work in a high technology world?  You’ll be amazed. The winds of de-centralizing are blowing faster globally. And high technology is making it very feasible!

Action:  There is so much to accomplish that volunteers are needed. Contacts must be developed with ranchers, farmers, independent education groups, self-defense groups, authors, speakers and visionaries. We need to gain credibility with neutral think tanks, newspapers and TV producers who feel the need for restoring freedom and real peace.

Written by Robert Wilson

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