History of the Nation Texas, Part 2

The “History of the Nation Texas” does not end with annexation to the USA any more than Estonia or Lithuania’s histories end with their being “annexed” to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Those Baltic republics were recognized as restored to their original sovereign status 50 years later, by an international tribunal.

Texas is unique in that it is the only State to join the USA as a nation. It was not a territory; it was not purchased from another nation. Texas as a Nation joined the USA by treaty30. Only the original 13 colonies come close to similar standing.

As we move historically from the 1850’s forward, it is imperative to realize that during this timeframe, the individual sovereignty of the particular states was the norm. Each person seemed to think of themselves as being identified by their State citizenship rather than by a National citizenship. Loyalty was to their “homeland”, which was to the “land” where their “home” was located. This explains why Robert E. Lee, though educated at West Point Military Academy and offered command of the Union Army, accepted command of the Confederate Army. The explanation, in his own words being, “Save in the defense of my native State, I never desire again to draw my sword.”31

Understand that the time frame of the 1860’s requires careful attention to the words and intention of those present at the time. To this end, we must read carefully the actual reason given by the Texas Legislature for Texas’ involvement in the American War of 1860 to 1865:


“Be it resolved by the legislature of the state of Texas, that in view of the exigencies of the times, we deem it proper to declare, that when the sovereign states of this confederacy entered into the compact of the Union, they delegated to the federal government no power to compel, by force of arms, obedience by the states to the federal authority; but on the contrary, such power was expressly denied. That the employment, therefore, of force by the federal government to compel any state of this Union to perform its obligations under the federal compact, or to compel a state, against the will of its people, to remain a member of the confederacy, is in violation of the constitution, a dangerous usurpation of power, destructive of the right of free government, and fatal to the existence of the Union itself, which, formed of equal and independent sovereignties, cannot be, as between conquering states and subjugated provinces. That should (as we have serious reason to apprehend may be in the present condition of the Union) the federal government attempt to coerce any of our sister states of the south, by force of arms, into subjection to federal rule, we assure such states of the sympathies of our people, and that we shall make common cause with them in resisting, by all means and to the last extremity, such unconstitutional violence and tyrannical usurpation of power.

Passed February 1, A.D. 1861

M. D. K. TAYLOR, Speaker House Reps. EDWARD CLARK, President Senate32

II. The American War of 1860 to 1865

As the 1860’s began, the USA was a confederation of independent, sovereign States. The States had formed the Union, not vice versa. Texas as a sovereign Nation-State clearly stated its reason for withdrawing from the Union in the “Joint Resolution Relative to Coercion” (above) and forced by “the federal government attempt to coerce any of our sister states of the south, by force of arms, into subjection to federal rule”, exercised its Constitutional right to withdraw from the Union. Once again, in 1861, Texas existed as an Independent Nation. As such, it chose to confederate with other States that understood and adhered to the founding principles of a representative republic form of government.33

Of all the tragedies in American history, the 1860-1865 internal war between the States of America caused the greatest suffering and loss to the people of north America. Massive loss of life, liberty, property, dignity, and basic human rights occurred as the federal Army invaded the Southern States. Union soldiers not only attacked ‘by force of arms’, but destroyed the crops, animals, bridges and infrastructure of the Confederates during the War. Texas was not exempted from the senseless destruction and exploitation by Union soldiers assisted by “carpet baggers” and “scalawags” from the north, who confiscated most of what was left: homes, businesses, government buildings, and of course all the cotton grown and harvested by great human labors of the southerners. It took Texas another decade to get back on its feet, because it was hampered by northerners exploiting or micro-managing local initiatives and efforts.34

For the Confederate States of America (the South) it had been a defensive fight against invasion. Accordingly, Texas kept all its militia in defensive positions, and did not fight outside the boundaries of the Confederacy.35   But all military officers in Texas were forbidden by the United States to vote or even hold public office ever again. Martial Rule by Union military put an end to the Texas legislature, the Executive branch and the judiciary, and even down to the local level. Union officers appointed inexperienced turncoats or northerners to carry out the orders of the District General, who basically had all executive, legislative and judicial authority vested in one US Officer.36

In December 1863 when President Lincoln proposed the Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction or the “ten percent plan”, the powerful legislators from a few northeastern States didn’t like it. So in February 1864, the Wade-Davis Bill for Reconstruction was proposed by congress, Lincoln refused to sign their punitive legislation into law, killing the bill with the “pocket veto”.37

After the surrender of General Lee at Appomattox, VA. and Abraham Lincoln’s assassination in April 1865, however, the US “Congress had the upper hand in shaping Federal policy toward the defeated South and imposed the harsher reconstruction requirements first advocated in the Wade-Davis Bill.”38 When Vice President Andrew Johnson became President, the Northern Congressmen again proposed abusive Reconstruction (which turned out to be a Federal euphemism for “subjugation and exploitation).” President Johnson vetoed the bill, but Congress overrode the veto to produce the Military Reconstruction Plan.39,40

The Fourteenth Amendment

In order to complete an unconstitutional inversion of the sovereign States that had been served by a weak Federal government, into weak states treated as subsidiaries of a power-hungry sovereign National government unaccountable to those states, a Fourteenth Amendment was written by the United States government. However, its ratification votes by the states fell far short of the two-thirds majority required by their Constitution41. Even the Northern States’ legislators could see this Amendment would end up destroying their own State sovereignty and harming their people. Unwilling to defer to the clear will of the people and their representatives, the shrunken U.S. Congress passed rules that the southern Confederate states could not have their senators and representatives seated in Congress, until their state ratified the Fourteenth Amendment.42 This arrogant arm-twisting brought in more votes, but the count was still short of the two-thirds required. Finally, during a Christmas recess of Congress, powerful leaders in Washington DC “directed” their Secretary of State to declare in writing that the Fourteenth Amendment had been ratified.43   Instead of freeing the slaves, as it pretended to do, this un-ratified Amendment enslaved the free.

Texas a state in the U.S.A.

Texas was required to write a new constitution in order to be re-admitted into the Union in 1870. Texas already had a new state constitution in 1845 when it was annexed. Why was the 1845 Constitution not allowed in 1870?  Because it was the constitution of a sovereign State, in a cooperative alliance with other sovereign States.44 The intent of the new rulers of the emerging US empire was becoming very clear. They had postured as needing to defend Texas from Mexico in 1846, sending United States troops to the Rio Grande, the south border of Texas. But there was no attack by Mexico and instead they attacked Mexico, marching their troops all the way to Mexico City. They held the Mexican government hostage until they signed a treaty ceding to the United States, Mexico’s lands from Texas all the way across the continent to the Pacific Ocean! The leaders of Texas realized their hasty “Annexation” to the U.S. was intended by the US empire to be merely a “pawn”, a land bridge enabling the US to attack and conquer Mexico. This had been a plot to rule the North American continent “from sea to shining sea”.45

The people of Texas today are ruled by a State of Texas government that is controlled by the unaccountable United States government in Washington DC. Texas is still being exploited in this 21st century, as the US empire takes much more revenue from Texas than it returns to Texas.46  Aggravating that issue is that much of that revenue is spent by the US empire on weapons to kill and maim people in far-away nations. The Republic of Texas has never fought an aggressive war and opposes such aggression by the US.

The US empire has succeeded in militarizing the police in Texas,47 and in perverting all the courts, judges, prisons and jails in Texas into a huge revenue-generating scam. As a result, there has been a systematic persecution and intimidation of people in Texas who speak out in protesting this mockery of justice. This enormous injustice must end.

Agreement between DLA and Texas

The Texian people have been made essentially “stateless”48 by the coordinated efforts of the US empire, the State of Texas government, and local law enforcement agencies, along with the newspapers and television media that spouts the news releases of the entities just mentioned. The Republic of Texas elected government has been hounded, harassed, threatened, incarcerated and impoverished by systematic attacks on our meetings, beliefs, possessions, and character. People will only tolerate so much before they finally revolt. The UN was created to minimize that kind of violence. Who will step up to support our cause?


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