It is because of ME that this happened.

The following paper was found in R. N. Darby’s Bible.

Our God says in 1 Kings 12:24: It is because of ME that this happened.

The disappointments of this life are in reality Proof of My Love. I have today a message for you, My child; I will tell you this, so that the mounting storm clouds have a golden edge and the thorns, on which you have to step, lose their sting. The message is encapsulated in a tiny sentence, but let it sink into the depth of your hearts! May it be a cushion on which your tired head can rest! It is: “Because of ME this happened.”

Have you never realized that every event in your life also becomes Mine? He who touches you, touches the apple of my eye (Zechariah 2:8). Because you are precious and valuable in My eyes, I have a special interest in your growing up. If you face temptation and enemies confront you, know this: “It is because of ME, that this happened.” I am the God of circumstances. It is no accident that you are in the place where you are. Rather, I have chosen this place for you.

Did you not ask for humility? You see, I have placed you where you can learn this lesson. Through people and things in your environment My will becomes effective. Do you have money problems? Are you not able to manage with what you have? “Because of ME this happened.” It is I who owns the heavens and the earth. I want you to ask all things from Me and be totally dependent on Me. My wealth is without boundaries (Philippians 4:19). Take Me by My word, so that it must not be said of you, that you did not trust your God in this matter.

Are you experiencing the darkness of grieving? “Because of Me this happened.” I, Jesus, know what that means. I am ‘the man of sorrows acquainted with grief’ (Isaiah 53:3). I took away all human crutches, so that you would turn to Me and find eternal comfort (2 Thessalonians 2:16-17).

Have certain friends disappointed you? Maybe even one, in whom you confided? “Because of Me this happened.” I permitted this disappointment, so that you may learn, that I, Jesus, am your best friend. I support you and fight for you. I want to be your trusted friend.

Did someone create a public lie about you? Do not pay attention and seek closer fellowship with ME, under MY wings, far away from verbal fights. When you suffer injustice, I will “let your righteousness appear as light and your right shall be as the noon” (Psalm 37:6).

Have your plans been destroyed? Are you depressed and disappointed? “It is because of ME that this thing happened.” Did you make plans and asked Me to bless them? It is I who makes plans for you. “This matter is too difficult for you, you cannot execute it by yourself” (Exodus 18:18). You are only a tool used by Me carrying out My plan.

Did you fervently wish to do something great for ME? And now you find yourself lying on a sickbed? “It is because of ME that this happened.” It was impossible for Me to get your attention while you poured yourself out in never ceasing action. I still want to teach you some of my deepest lessons. Only he who has learned to wait patiently can serve Me. My best coworkers are often they who cannot join in active service, but learned to use the weapon of prayer.

Have you suddenly been called upon to do a difficult task of great responsibility? Walk ahead courageously, count on Me. I placed you in this responsible position, that you may know, that “Jehovah, your God, will bless you in everything you do” (Deuteronomy 15:18).

Today I give into your hand a vessel of holy oil. Make free use of it, My child, so that you in every circumstance of your life’s path pour this oil of trust in Me and comfort from Me on every word which causes you pain, every circumstance which demands your patience, every situation which reveals your weakness. Do not forget, your difficult times are God’s opportunities. The sting will diminish according to that measure in which you recognize Me in all things. “Concentrate your heart on all words, which I declare to you today… is your life” (Deuteronomy 32:46-47).

John Nelson Darby
As Unknown and Well Known
Departed to be with Christ
April 29th, 1882

Aged 81

2 Corinthians 5: 21 Lord, Let Me Wait For Thee Alone; My Life Be Only This: To Serve Thee Here On Earth Unknown, Then Share Thy Heavenly Bliss.

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