Proposed Texas Independence – By Chief Justice Brazoria County, Tom Bailey

This week, Texians celebrate on March 2nd their 179th annual Independence Day that made them a self-determined people through the signing of theIr Declaration of Independence and the associated production of the Constitution of the Republic of Texas for all Texian people of Spanish, Mexican and Anglo origin alike among others.  That was a glorious day for a free, productive and self-governing people, but it lasted just short of a decade!

Consequently, today’s God-centered liberty-loving Texians pursue continuance thereof with their republic restored now for nearly two decades with Constitution intact along with their own coinage fully supported by a standing government devoid of any unaccountable bureaucracies of three distinct branches: executive, legislative and judicial.

The original immigration from the united states had been eagerly sought by Spain and subsequently Mexico for populating the land to make it inhabitable in the face of a hostile environment, particularly of the indigenous peoples.  Through the talented and eager assistance of Jose Antonio Navarro, land grants were provided to Stephen F. Austin if he could expand his originally projected 100 families to 300.  Accordingly, the 300 took root in Bexar, now known as San Antonio, in 1825.

Eventually, however, intolerable oppression developed under the Mexican government that led to Texian independence.  With Texas later having been supplanted by a corporate state following its fraudulent annexation, tyrannical subjugation prevails again today for the de jure freely elected government by Constitution of the Republic of Texas.  Such comes from occupation by the de facto corporate police state power that deceivingly impersonates the original constitutional republic of the united states.  This military occupation has been continuously reinstated following the chaotic aftermath of the typically central banker-incited War between the States through the endless reenactment of The Emergency War Powers Act by the US corporate Senate every two years.

It is then understandable in such a military occupation that human rights today for Americans and Texians alike are violated on a whim to the benefit of the occupier and to the detriment of the people just as it was (and is even more so today) under the dictatorial colonial power of King George that precipitated the 1776 American Revolution.

Thus, the Valentine’s Day, 2015 raid and assault on the Republic of Texas’s government convening in Bryan, Texas (see earlier Press Release ) are not aberrations but rather the expected product of the occupying powers of a police action involving authorities of nine different jurisdictions (federal, state, county, municipal), all listed as corporate entities but deceivingly impersonating the original constitutional state and federal authorities.

There is nothing really new here in light of the corporate state’s labeling and targeting as their true enemy – Constitutionalists, gun owners, veterans and true faith-based Christians – as “domestic terrorists” as opposed to Hollywood-style set-ups of well-financed, -trained, -equipped and -organized fear-inducing nebulous foreign terrorists of revolving designation and allegiance who are obviously privileged to immediate and actionable intelligence provided by their corporate handlers.  The Constitutions and our God-given unalienable and inviolable rights are no more!

Texians also remember this week the provoking heavy-handed tyranny of the Mexican government with their eventual senseless massacres of Texians at the Alamo (March 6th) and Goliad!  With the present-day tyranny so well demonstrated at the raid and assault on Valentine’s Day, is it not in a peaceful fashion our obligation again today to “Remember the Alamo?”


I look forward to an immediate future expose Press Release of the purely concocted warrant in retributional conspiracy regarding its highly flawed nature, service and application and its lack of availability of lawfully required affidavits and bonds for viewing by all who were violated Valentine’s Day and especially the two named in the so-called warrant!  –  Tom Bailey


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