Feds Raid Secessionist Group Political Meeting

fbi 2
The FBI recently sent a clear message to those who might engage in political movements that work contrary to federal interests…we might raid you.

The secessionist group Republic of Texas has their own currency and small working government, which includes congress and courts.

This past February 14th at a meeting hall with interested public in attendance, the group was raided by the FBI, who took fingerprints and photos of all attendees as well as confiscated their cell phones and any type of recording equipment in their possession.

The federal government has declared that the ‘sovereign citizen’ as the greatest terror threat the government faces, even moreso than jihadist groups like ISIS. One must assume that investigating a group such as this would indeed have the feds bumping into each other in the hallway.

No arrests have been made and the case is still under investigation.

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