KTRH 740 AM: Feds Raid Texas Secessionist Group

Posted Tuesday, March 3rd 2015 @ 6am  by iHeartMedia’s Nik Rajkovic

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Federal and local Texas authorities recently raided a vocal political group known for challenging the establishment.  John Jernecke, president of the Republic of Texas, says police were upset with a pair of members who sent out summonses to appear before the group’s court.

“One of them is a representative from Kerr County and the other is a chief justice from Harris County,” says Jernecke.

Jernecke says a local sheriff basically admitted the fingerprinting, photographing and confiscation of cell phones and computers was really a fishing expedition.

“They assumed we were a militia group due to the fact of what happened out in Fort Davis back in 1997 where they had that standoff,” he says.  “He felt that we were the same people, but we’re not.”

The Republic of Texas hopes the incident actually draws more attention to its efforts.


“Its not only unlawful search and seizure, but it went against the Republic of Texas constitution, and it is also against the international covenant on civil and political rights,” says Jernecke.

Source: KTRH 740 AM

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