What If: Episode 10

They all met in the back room of an old tavern in the hill country. Casual clothes and neighborly attitudes gave no hint of the importance of this gathering nor the impact it would have. For a while it was get-acquainted time as they began to sense that Texian spirit they shared. When the feeling of cordial acceptance was evident, Ben asked a question, which quieted the group. “So, what does a government-in-exile do?”

“Well, as president of the Texas Republic, this is the first time I’ve heard that question. Actually, we are quite active in preparing to govern the nation Texas in lawful ways, in keeping with our Constitution. One of our senators challenged us by stating: ‘Nobody living today has ever lived in a sovereign, constitutionally-defined republic.’ So one of the things we must do is re-invent the workings of such a republic. We have no living role-models or senior advisors. Our Constitution provides some basic principles; and history offers insights into how the 1836-1845 Texian government functioned. But the world is a much different place now and the challenges are vastly changed,” Ray explained. “A government-in-exile also provides continuity of nationhood, or statehood as they understood the term in the 1800s. We hold elections to determine who the Texians want to represent them and honestly look out for their concerns. Our nation is occupied by a foreign military, intent on plundering and intimidating our people. But we absolutely have the right to continue the constitutionally mandated government, even though the military regime tries to discourage us.”

Sally asked Willia, the vice president, if they had been confronted by US agents. Willia replied: “Not lately, but one of our former presidents was kidnapped some years back by what must have been federal officers. We finally found him in a federal prison, and he was in prison for about 3 years. Even at his release they warned him not to contact us. Still don’t know what he was charged with. The feds use intimidating tactics to dissuade others from asserting their fundamental rights.”

Steve, a senator of the Republic, outlined the priorities the congress had chosen to work on. Ben told what progress their work-group had made on several fronts. Everyone agreed to take all the information back for earnest discussion, and get decisions made on working together. Chuck just grinned…

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