What If: Episode 9

“We need to be ready to receive dignitaries from other nations, and have emissaries ready to visit their nation,” Don texted. “So let’s make lists of mature folks who present themselves well and have time to travel. We can get them studying the protocols and letters of credence so they’ll be ready when the opportunity comes.”

“That goes right along with what my team and I have been finding,” Sally offered. “People in other nations get un-white-washed news easier than most Americans do. They realize US supremacy is shrinking fast (along with its dollar) and they expect Texas to assert its right to be a sovereign nation again. Some are expecting to be contacted by a Texian emissary.”

“Several big organizations are opening up to our having a presence at their events,” Ben chimed in. “It appears that the time is ripe for a major world change — almost an inevitable tide rolling in. Maybe Texas can enter a team in the next Olympics!”

Chuck could not hold out any longer, and he wrote: “The republic of Texas has had a government-in-exile for several decades. I met with them and they say the US not only violated the treaty of annexation of Texas, but Texas is militarily occupied by a belligerent alien power, the US government. By threats, dis-information and intimidation, the US is preventing the people of Texas from exercising their right to be a self-determining people; people who decide for themselves how their society will conduct its affairs. And that is a violation of established international law, to prevent that self-determining process. I hope I said all of that correctly.”

“Well if you did, that may be the biggest discovery yet,” Ben texted. “Can you arrange a meeting for us with that exiled government, Chuck? We can’t afford to waste time.”

“Sounds like we need to give a high priority to setting up a system of currencies that expedite trade between Texians, too. When the dollar crashes, we have to provide an immediate alternative.” Sally suggested.

“I’ll work on prioritizing a list of major initiatives, so we don’t let one fall in the cracks,” Don offered. “Glad I’m retired or I could not handle all this.”

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