What If: Episode 8

“Hey Team, you may not believe this, but when I ask Texas sheriffs to rise to their lawful position of top peace officer in their County, they get excited about it! Then when I explain they have to get elected to their office, they smile and say, ‘Our people know me better than they know any policeman’.” Don’s familiar grin shined through the text he was sending to the others. “Today I’m having lunch with two senior-grade Army officers, recently retired, who are very interested in what we’ve been talking about. And of course, they know many other officers and NCO’s who love Texas and are fed up with what DC is doing to the Armed Forces.”

Chuck chimed into the texting with: “I just met with three guys who were instrumental in organizing the truck, train, air, sea and local freight networks in Texas. They are eager to make it a Texas-driven system with no interference from DC. And they are already connected with others outside of Texas to make it a smooth transition. Feels like they were just waiting for a catalyst to jump-start the independent integrated system. Surprise! Many long-haul truck lines are already converting their fleets to liquified natural gas, LNG. No more dependence on Sheiks in Arabia and IMF bosses for our energy!”

“The response is tremendous, once folks hear that we really can re-start the nation Texas!” Sally texted. “We have a large group producing the transition plans we spoke of last week, and we want some other eyes to look it over as we go along. Next we will work on ways to get the Transition Plan broadcast immediately, when the right time comes. Everyone is so excited — this is the first time they have felt empowered to get involved and have it culminate in true independence!”

Ben interjected: “I’ve been working with experts in alternative monetary systems — you know — better ways to enable everyone to trade with each other freely, not limited by lack of ‘cash’ from a private foreign-based Fed Bank. I’ll give more details as we zero in on the best solutions for our Texas Republic. It will be crucial that everyone living in Texas will rapidly have enough Texas money to carry on their daily lives and businesses. This won’t be easy, but it is workable and necessary. Let’s all brainstorm other pressing needs to become ready for a self-governing Texas. Gotta run now… Ben.”

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