What If: Episode 7

“Well if we want Texas to be self-governing, a sovereign nation again, how can we get most of the 26 million folks in Texas now, to go along with that?” Don queried.

“Seems to me, that fear will be the greatest problem when an economic collapse occurs,” Chuck observed. “So how can we head off widespread fear, in advance, while folks are complacent?”

Sally jumped in with: “We need to prepare a message that details the smooth transition from being under a puppet government of the US, to being “the people” over local and county experts who really serve the people with their skills and time. It will take time and effort to develop a workable plan, but if we don’t do it, chaos will break out immediately after a collapse.”

“Wow, she is absolutely right!” Ben exclaimed. “Sally, can you lead that effort, and recruit all the help you need? Without having that reassurance that life will go on, that stores will have groceries, airports will operate and much more, people will be easy prey for any self-acclaimed ‘authority’ who promises things he can’t possibly deliver. In fact, let’s all go out and find like-minded Texians who love Texas and invite them to meet with us. There is a lot more preparation to do than we can do alone.”

Don offered, “I was a sheriff years ago, so I can go talk to sheriffs and show them that as elected officers, they will be the top peace-keeping officers in their county. Sheriff Mack’s booklets will give them plenty to go on. And they can vet local policemen to serve as deputies, if they will adhere to the constitutional limits on their authority. Any local militia leaders can be sworn in to deal with roving gangs, or attackers from outside of Texas. And I know some retired Colonels who can lead the Army of Texas and the Texas Rangers to ensure internal and external security on the national level. All those fighting men will be glad to help protect Texas when US dollars stop flowing to their bosses in Texas.”

“I can help in the Transportation and Logistics areas.” Chuck volunteered. “Been at it my whole life, and know most of the folks who keep it running day in and day out.”

“Well we’ve got our work cut out for us; we’d best get after it. Ask folks, ‘Who do you know that you would trust to lead a major part of Texas economy?’ Let’s text our ideas and questions to each other, since we won’t have as much time to meet,” Ben suggested.

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