What If: Episode 3

“Well Ben, I’ve been thinking about all this while you talked, and I got to wondering how many people in Texas right now, might prefer to ‘go it alone’ without Uncle Sam and all his hand-outs (with strings attached)? You said Annexation was not very popular, even in the beginning.”

“Sally, you amaze me,” Ben replied. “Your mind works a lot like mine, and that’s what I got to thinking, after I discovered that reports of the popularity of Annexation in Texas were greatly exaggerated in US newspapers. So I did an internet search and found that almost 200,000 Texians signed a petition on the US Whitehouse website, in one month in 2013, indicating that they wanted to withdraw from the United States. Now that number does not include most folks in Texas who neither know nor care if there even is a Whitehouse website. And millions more in Texas who were skeptical of giving their email address to a Big Brother Government that was already spying on the private communications of honest hard-working people.”

“Now honestly, Ben, aren’t you even a little concerned about poking a sharp stick in the eye of the Big Gorilla up in DC?”

“Candidly, yes, Don, it does concern me. But what concerns me much more is, whether we Texians will allow ourselves to be intimidated into silence, by a corrupt government that is terrorizing its own citizens, when it can’t bribe them!”

“Well, I hear that!”, Chuck roared. “It’s about time somebody stood up to those corrupt politicians. So when do we rise up and drive ’em out’ta Texas? My great-great grandfather fought in the battles for Texas independence, and if we have to do it again, I’m willing.”

“I applaud your enthusiasm, Chuck, but it is not that simple any more,” Ben cautioned. “The world has changed a whole lot since the Battle at San Jacinto. And the people of the world do not want more bloody battles. They want nations to settle their differences in more peaceful ways. Remember the Civil War; relatives were killing each other because they grew up on different sides of an artificial line on the ground. And neither side really won that war — both sides lost their loved ones and suffered through decades of poverty, disease and misery — in a war started by politicians, but fought by ordinary fathers and sons.”

“Yeah, you’re right again, Ben. I guess I get fired up when I think of all the unconstitutional crud being done by men who swore on a Bible to uphold that Constitution.”

“Yes, Chuck, and it’s good to get fired up, but not so good to get fired AT. We can get motivated to educate and inform more and more people, so that we have a HUGE voice together. But I’m starting to think there is a faster solution, that it is out there somewhere, just waiting for us to discover it. But being human, I’m also getting tired. So let’s call it a night, and we will talk again.”

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