What If: Episode 1

Ben leaned back in his chair and watched his friends around the table, as they reminisced about the times they had shared and the tough times that working folks were going through now. At a lull in the animated conversation, he leaned forward and said, “What if … what if it was NOT impossible for Texas to take back its rightful place among the nations of earth? A place where right is still right and wrong is just wrong.”

Chuck blurted out, “What is in that glass you’re drinking from?” The others glanced back and forth at the two men, wondering where this was going. Finally Ben said slowly, “Things have been coming to my mind. Things I thought impossible at first. I’ve been hesitant to mention them to you. But by now, I am seeing a bigger picture, different than we learned in school or heard on TV. I can stop here, if you choose, or just unfold a bit at a time, kind of like it came to me.”

The silence was prolonged, and then Sally said, “I don’t know about the others, Ben, but I am very uncomfortable with the trends that have been getting worse all around us. If there is an alternative, I want to at least hear it.” One after another, the friends indicated agreement with Sally.

“Well, we’ve heard stories that the struggling new nation, Texas, was not able to pay its debts or protect its people,” Ben began. “And for the first few years that was partly true. But as Texas entered into treaties with several nations, it was able to borrow enough from them to put its own Navy in the Gulf and equip Texas Rangers to guard the southern border and the edge of the rocky hill country, where savage indians would swoop down and massacre the Texian settlers on their bare subsistence farms.”

“Now hold on, Ben, you can’t just make up happy endings to what real historians say was a disastrous failure by amateur leaders.”

Ben took a long look at Chuck and started smiling, while the others shifted uncomfortably in their chairs. “You’re right, Chuck. Since we all love Texas and Texians so much, it is tempting to give them credit for digging in and solving their new nation’s problems. I felt that temptation several times, and it pushed me to discover a resource that none of those old historians had access to. Wanna guess what that resource is … anyone?”

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