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Hello, Texians!

Some may wonder why we have the letter ‘i’ in Texian. Historically, it is what the founders of our Texas nation called themselves and each other. Back in the 1830’s it was very common to use the name of a place and put “ians” at the end, to refer to residents of that place. Like Philadelphians.

But now, Texian indicates one who “knows who he really is.” A man or woman who understands that the current politicized system all around us intends to make “the people” subservient to government, instead of the reverse. In a true constitutional republic, “all authority belongs to the people,” and the people themselves can readily remove government employees or officers who violate the constitution and laws in a republic. A Texian sees through the deceptive maze of “legal fictions” created by lawyers, and recognizes that the U.S. is no longer a republic but is a massive corporation for profit. And the government of the State of Texas is merely a commercial subsidiary of U.S. Inc. These truths are not hard to prove.

Let’s speak frankly; we cannot change or fix the systemic corruption in Washington DC. So the only way to live in a free republic is to believe, and conduct our lives on, the certainty that Texas can again be a real republic and a sovereign nation, as it was for 10 years in the 1800’s.

If that sounds far-fetched to you, then become a real Texian. A good way to start is to read and study on our new national website at

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Incidentally, our new tenth-ounce silver currency asks:  R  U  A  TEXIAN

We are moving forward rapidly now, and you can help achieve that national freedom we all cherish. Do it for your children and grandchildren …

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