Bob’s Blog, December Edition

Hello fellow Texians!

As elected senator in the republic of Texas, for Robertson and Milam Counties (covering 33 counties of the incorporated State of Texas) I want to let you, The People, know my ideas and philosophy of government. And I invite your feedback and ideas for making this Texas nation a greater place to live, with more freedom, opportunity and success for all.

Basically, a constitutional republic is the best form of government if its people desire the liberty to shape their own lives, jobs, businesses and beliefs without interference from “authorities.” For example, many government-issued “licenses” were invented simply to protect existing businesses from competition. But new competition can motivate businesses to improve their service or reduce their prices by becoming more efficient. Some will say more government is needed to keep dishonest businesses from cheating the people. Unfortunately, in real life it works the opposite way.

We now live in an age of instant communications, so people can quickly find how reliable a business or a product is, by internet feedback from those who bought it and used it. The only way to keep government officials from doing “favors” for financial supporters, is to severely limit their powers and replace them often!

I have seen good men elected and go to Washington D.C., and in a few years the system there has corrupted them. For that reason, I have introduced a Joint Resolution allowing the people (not the government) to “Recall” an elected officer in this republic, by special voting, if he has violated their trust in a significant way.

“The price of Liberty is eternal Vigilance.”

Bob Wilson

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